Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Online Store for Fruit Trees

I was so excited when we started our garden project three months ago.  Well, we can not really say that it’s a true garden because we just have a couple of built in plant boxes below our windows on the second level of the house.  Plus, we really need potted plants to decorate and add spice on the exteriors of the house.  So we really don’t have a backyard or a lawn that we can do a landscape on or of that sort.   Anyway, when I started searching the web for local botanical shops, seedling banks and plant sanctuaries, I realize that we do not have many.  Or if there are, they’re not advertised on the web (wrong marketing move..they’re missing bountiful opportunities!).

I’m really envious that in the United States, entrepreneurs really take advantage of the internet that’s why even the smallest businesses are advertised and very well publicized throughout the country.  In fact, some businesses are dependent on the internet just like in the case of Willis Orchards which is a mail-order plant and fruit tree company.  You can browse on the site their extensive gallery pictures of fruit trees, Grape plants, berry plants, palm trees, nut trees, flowering trees, blueberry plants, shade trees, bamboo plants and many more and place order through a secured, fast and easy checkout process (or through telephone).  The shipping might be a concern for some as nursery stock is perishable but with the very careful packing and handling of the courier, FedEx, normally and ideally, the plants arrive safely and in perfect condition.  But of course, Willis Orchard does replacements should there are obvious mishandling during the shipment. So for those in the US who have plant requirements (except California which has shipping restrictions), Willis Orchard is the site to see.

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