Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Arrhae

A close friend of mine is getting married early next year.  They’re now in the midst of the grueling and stressful preparations like booking the necessary suppliers, paying initial deposits, conceptualizing and all.  In fact, we met last week so we can have our measurements taken as our group of friends will be her secondary sponsors.  She also asked me for recommendations as to where she can buy gold eagle coins which they’ll be having as their arrhae.  It’s actually a perfect timing because I just chanced upon US Gold Bureau recently and that’s where I saw wide collection of such coins.  We’re all excited and we look forward to their wedding as I know that this celebration has been 10 years in the making.


To add to my exhaustion as I wasn’t able to get enough sleep last night due to work, I can’t function all the more now to finish all of my pending works because I injured my left index finger.  I was about to crack open a salted egg when the knife accidentally slid towards my finger and the next thing I witnessed was a bloodied finger and it continuously oozed that my hand started to feel numb.  It’s just so frustrating not too mention, I can still feel some excruciating pain.  My line of work requires 10 fully functional fingers for typing!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Filtration

Living in a world where pollution puts lives at risk, makes it necessary to explore all strategies and tools to safeguard our health and safety. Filtration, specifically that used in water filter pitchers, is a solution that people can resort to in order to have safer drinking water; a very manageable solution. This technology, employed in particular by Friends of Water, operates within the pitcher to filter out all contaminants and many chemical substances present in the water even before you pour to drink. Studies and tests show that it can filter viruses and bacteria which frequently cause the common illnesses we are more familiar with nowadays, and at rates that are significantly greater (over 90%) than other pitchers. The pitchers offered at also eliminate substantial amounts of fluoride. While we’ve known that fluoride makes our teeth strong and helps to avoid tooth decay, intake of it in the water has also been shown to actually cause harm to our bodies. Friends of Water supplies the highest quality of water filter pitchers on the market. Browse and take the first step towards safeguarding your health and that of your family with water that is truly clean and healthy.

More Valuable Than Gold and Silver

Last night, my college best friends and I met in Sta. Cruz for the gown measurement taking.  One of them is getting married on January and the four of us were requested to be her secondary sponsors.  We couldn’t and would not definitely say no because as I’ve said, we’re all the best of friends and despite the busy schedule, different career paths taken and different priorities now, our connection is still strong and the magic in our friendship will always remain for eternity.  As expected, we were all loud and busy catching up with each other.  We talked about a lot of things – recollection of our adventures and misadventures in college, the remaining “single” ladies’ status, kids and even investment topics like precious metal commodities.  One mentioned that now is the perfect time to buy silver bullion because its price is at a good competitive price in the market.  She reiterated that it’s one good way of diversifying our assets.  We’re lured to check out US Gold Bureau, the American leader in precious metals investment, to know more about this opportunity.  I' do wish that we could meet more often.  I really missed them a lot and I won’t ever get tired exchanging deep friendships with them.  Because they are all valuable –even more than the gold and silver.

Wanting a Haircut

I’m so yearning to have my haircut.  My hair has grown about 2 inches already and as long hair all the more pronounces my scrawny built, I need to have this cut asap.  This Monday would have been a good timing after a hard weekend work and a pretty lax schedule but I can’t go to the salon because it’s the President’s SONA this afternoon and all roads going out of our area are cramped, if not totally closed.  Let’s see tomorrow if I can pursue this plan.  I hope.

Sweet Valley Confidential

I was a huge Sweet Valley fan during my childhood years.  If not for the termites that invaded my cabinet in our Makati house, I could have still my huge collection of Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High until now.  So with SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL TEN YEARS LATER making its debut on March next year, this is definitely a good news to all the Wakefield twin sisters’ fans out there.


Wardrobe additions and Yearning for a Cosmetology Career

It’s been a while since I last purchased a “reward” for myself.  And so, for all the hard work I’ve done these past few months, I decided to be in the mood to update my wardrobe last Thursday.  A Facebook friend got tagged by an apparel online store and I was lured by the lovely tops and dresses it offers.  I browsed the profile and albums then the next thing I knew, I was placing my order for 2 dresses and 3 blouses.  I paid the other day via bank deposit then just as promised, my order arrived yesterday.  I’m so in love with the clothes I bought.  Everything..especially the size just fits me right.  It’s as if it was tailored made for me.  I’m so happy to have five new additions to my closet.  Now if only I can also update my makeup application know-how then I am so ready to do the catwalk on the runway.  LOL.  I know that a Florida cosmetology School called Regency Beauty Institute can equip me with all the necessary beauty lessons but alas, it’s just too far away from where I am.  I might see if they have a local counterpart soon as I know that they’ve been constantly growing and expanding.  In fact, they have now more than 30 campuses across the US.

Macy’s Home Sale

I just got alerted through my Google Reader about Macy's Home Sale.  I hurriedly headed to the site without the intention to shop (and I repeat, not to shop).  Home Sales and home stuffs are what interest me the most lately because I’d love seeing, getting ideas and inspirations and exploring ways on how to spruce up our humble abode.

Items such as bed, kitchen, bath, dining, mattress, luggage and furniture are priced down by 15% percent until August 15.  Free shipping can be enjoyed on orders over $125 by just typing the discount code BACKHOME at checkout.

Here are just some of the things on sale from Macy’s.

704433_fpx.tifMartha Stewart Collection Bedding, Dreamtime Floral Collection


Murray Feiss Chandelier, 5 Light Exposition


Vera "Imprints" Table Linens Collection - $23.97

Customized Wedding Cameras

Even though there were glitches in our wedding five years ago, I wouldn’t change a thing about it except that I wish I could have known about these customized wedding cameras.  They’re not meant to be giveaways nor they are intended to replace your professional photographer.  One wedding photographer can't possibly capture everything.  It is actually a film-based tool (although I read one instance wherein an affluent couple used digital cameras) , with the help of your guests, that can make your wedding more fun and meaningful through capturing unguarded special moments throughout the ceremony.    It’s also nice to see your wedding from a guest’s point of view through the pictures he/she took.


How Did They Know my Number?

Last night, I received a call on my mobile phone from a certain credit card company offering me a new product they just rolled out.  I politely turned them down since I do not see the need for such a credit service at the moment.  I do not have an existing nor an old account with this certain company so I’m in deep amazement how come they knew about my mobile number.  My hunch is that they got my contact details and possibly other credit information via other financial institutions or even utility companies that I’m subscribed to.  From what I know, that is completely illegal such in the case of TransUnion way back in the 90s.  Confidential information of those who applied credit in the US was illegally sold to marketing companies and was used in junk mail campaigns and some were even used in harassment of consumers via sale calls bombarding them and pressuring them to avail of their products.  Under federal law, contact information, credit uses and credit scores should have remained private.  This is when O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath firm of skilled TransUnion Lawsuit settlement attorneys comes in.  They help those who have been victimized file for monetary damages.  Several of credit applications that time are still unaware of this so have them contact these lawyers asap for settlement assistance.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Remedies for Migraine Attacks

All of us experience migraine attacks once in a while and it surely is totally discomforting.  Our works and daily routines are disrupted as we opt to just lie down and sleep it away after ingesting pain relievers.  In my case, migraine usually attacks when I’m severely stressed and exhausted.  Luckily, the pain easily paves away from me with just Biogesic or a Mefenamic Acid.  Also, I implore these simple home remedies for added comfort:

1. Cold compress over the head and eyes.

2. Good head/scalp massage.

3. Rest in a quiet, preferably dark, cozy room away from noise and other disturbances.

4. Aromatherapy with lavender and peppermint.

5. Staying well hydrated so drink lots of water.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping Binds Us

My circle of online friends is bonded by our common interest in digital scrapbooking, motherhood, and blogging. Aside from endlessly chatting about our day to day activities, our worries, our triumphs, our sorrows, and all other mundane things, shopping (with our blog earnings) is among our top favorite past time. Buzz about a particular sale promotion in any of our favorite US stores, you bet, everyone of us are already gushing over the eye candy loots we adore. And yes, taking out our calculators and computing if our spare money or the incoming earnings will be enough to shoulder it. We all agree that shopping indeed is one great stress reliever.

Speaking of shopping and sales, I just learned that Pride Products are having their July Special Sales that include various promotions on their dollar store products: Summer specials, Monthly specials, Back to school specials, and special products from closeouts. I think my mood for shopping is very timely because dollar store wholesale items are just what my paypal money can afford and two, I’m really on the lookout for a certain household dollar store item. The timing is just great because Pride Products have slashed down prices on various household items.

autographed sports memorabilia Store For the Fanatic

At one point, I’m sure everyone has experienced being a fan of somebody - usually one who’s infamous, perhaps, in the world of sports. Have you experienced requesting or do you have in your collection an autographed sports memorabilia of your favorite celebrity? Often times, celebrities and well-known personalities can’t run away from impromptu photo shoots with someone who’s bewildered to see them in person. For some they ask for autographed photos and treasure them as their keepsake. For the extreme fanatics, they would not only settle with just one but often times, they have a signed memorabilia collection, like autographed baseballs to boast of.

Well, I am simply amazed how they can be so dedicated and fanatical. But I am more astounded by those who have it as their hobby, collecting autographs of various celebrities and personalities. It takes great effort, drive and I must say, money to be able to achieve this. But a true blooded fanatic won’t take all these as hindrances as for them, they’d do however and whatever it takes to obtain a memento from their idols.

If you are a great sports fan and is looking for a shop where to easily score autographed memorabilia, check out It’s a one stop shop for all genuine signed sports memorabilia from the most popular icons whether it be in the world of basketball, baseball, boxing, racing, hockey, golf and a lot more.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lead Apparel Rewards

Our so-called Little Mansion Project or the house acquisition project earlier this year forced us to push back our whims and all other insignificant desires to the back seat. Gifts in every occasion like our birthdays and anniversaries were not excused. In fact, we made a deal that there’s no need to shop gifts as we have the house as the ultimate gift for each other this year. More than a month after the big move, it feels so surreal as we’re finally reaping the fruit of our hard work and sacrifices (shopping, included). Now that we were able to get through the most challenging part in acquiring a home (paying the down payment and all other moving and settling down expenses), I feel like rewarding ourselves with a little shopping spree. It’s been a while since we last updated our wardrobe so shopping for a few embroidered polo shirts for the husband and womens polo shirts for me shouldn’t hurt. I recently discovered Lead Apparel and I’m convinced, it’ll be there that we shop a few clothing. Lead Apparel specializes in selling custom polo shirts. These shirts made with a high quality textile can be requested with special embroidery. They offer a wide variety of products from men’s to women’s, kids, and even babies at the most competitive prices in the market. Their discount promotions are alluring, too. One gets Free Shipping for orders $75 and above and also a custom embroidery free setup for orders over 36 pieces. Browsing the New Arrivals section, the Under Armour Zone Team Polo Shirt is perfect for the husband. Such a nice sweet reward, right?


The Advantages of Audio, Video and Web Conferencing

As businesses have gone global nowadays and more and more businessmen are imploring high tech communication tools, the services of online conferencing providers are highly demanded now. However, do remember that the support that these providers vary so make sure to look into the specific features you need before selecting the best web-based Audio conferencing and Web conferencing tools. So when holding a business meeting across the globe, it’s not enough to just have an internet or a webcam. The Conference Group is one service provider to depend on for high quality FULL audio, video and web communications support.

There are so many advantages that a business can merit through this one of a kind technology. Flawless sound delivery and quality clear picture in real time are obtained. When doing a web Video conference, features such as web presentation, file sharing of excel, word or power point documents, and direct phone call are also made possible thereby, providing ease when discussing formal business matters. Most of all, this is cost and time saving because there’s no need to travel hundreds of miles just to meet with foreign counterparts. Technology, particularly the internet, has indeed gone a long way and I can’t wait what it has in store even more for businesses in the near future.

Online Book rental

Whenever I have the luxury of time, that is, not being swamped with online works and Mommy duties, my “me” time includes curling up with a good book. In particular, I engage my eyes and mind with a paperback from my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks. Reading relaxes me greatly and it’s really an effective means to de-stress. It makes a great unwinding activity from a stressful day-to-day routine.

Collecting books used to be my passion when I was younger. I saved a portion of my school allowance, then buy the latest release of my favorite the Sweet Valley series. But now that I’m a homemaker and have a household expenses to prioritize. It’s very rare that I buy new books from the bookstore. Besides, these books often just end up on the shelf collecting dust and just clutters our tiny home. But this will not stop me to read. Especially that I just found an interesting service from a Book rental site online where I can Rent books for just a cheap membership fee. This is similar to renting movies online, only for books instead. Aside from paperback and children’s books, Audio books on cd are also available for rental. This service is indeed a great solution for the book lovers out there who are on a budget and do not wish to clutter their homes with books.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Super SummerSale Affordable Family Vacations at Breezes Resort

I’m really tempted to try out the family vacation packages offered by one of the most popular family vacation destinations in the Caribbean area. Breezes Resort and Spa in Panama has these affordable family vacations offerings called their Super Summer Sale where families can avail great savings.  For every paying adult in the same room, one child is free.  Aside from the Super-Inclusive experience, the whole family can enjoy a myriad of beach adventures and activities like water sports, hiking, rafting and many more.  I’m sure my boys will enjoy this exhilarating experience.

Air Conditioning Solutions by Jay’s Comfort Team

In our country, we have now officially welcomed the rainy season, and one of the things that I don’t miss about the last summer is the tremendous humidity and heat. Thank God, no more drenching afternoons because it’s a lot cooler now. The air conditioners that were overworked can now somehow rest. This is the perfect time to have them cleaned and checked for repairs and maintenance. A well maintained air conditioner yields a higher energy efficiency rate (ERR) ratio and prolongs its life.

In phoenix ac, I know of a air conditioner service team whose expertise in air conditioner installation and repairs are simply remarkable. Jay's Comfort Team is one of the top (if not the best) arizona hvac contractors that are sought after in the region; see the proof in the many positive testimonals. I read several overly satisfied clients’ testimonials and it has really convinced me that The Comfort Team is true to their word, that they are the fastest and most reliable on heating and air conditioning needs, and they use the industry-leading systems and technology. To date, they have served over 30,000 homes and businesses in Phoenix. It’s also interesting to note that they also support Geothermal Solutions for most applications. This means that 30% to 60% savings can be had on your heating/cooling bills with their team's installation.

Shopping Cheap Shoes Online

Next to clothes and accessories, shoes are among the fashion pieces that most women spend their money on. While almost everyone yearns to wear the latest brands and trendiest shoes, not many are ready to shell out exaggerated amounts of money for these. As economic life is also getting difficult each day, everyone is now looking for Cheap Shoes yet something that is of high quality, stylish and trendy.

Shopping for affordable shoes on the web is not really as challenging as one thinks. There are tons of shoe websites out there and among them, proves still to be one of the most reliable and reputable shoe shopping sites for its high quality yet affordable selections of shoes. All kinds of footwear can be perused in their gallery: pumps, sandals, flats, boots, wedges, designer shoes, high fashion boots, classic to dressy fashion boots. What’s even cooler is that their discounts and promos are truly outrageous. Who would have thought that these pieces cost no more than $10 each?

CS 1 CS 2 CS 3 

By the way, their collections are not just limited to women’s. They also got top quality men’s shoes ranging from boots, casuals, loafers to sandals. This ultimate shopping destination also features highly crafted handbags and other accessories that can delight any fashionable being.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Biggest Buyers of Gold

Thinking of  investing on gold, silver, platinum, palladium or any other type of precious metals? In my research about this topic, I found out that China is among the biggest buyers of gold worldwide and because of this, prices might dramatically boost.  Further, my research also led me to learn that the US Gold Bureau is the dealer to trust. For several decades now, this precious metal investment company has been the leader in gold and other precious metals investment. However and whatever, you'd like to invest in precious metals, whether if you plan to buy gold bullion, in coins or ingots form, the dedicated staff of hard asset professionals of US Gold Bureau  can commit to serve your investment needs skillfully with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices. There's no other better time of investing in such than now. So do protect your wealth and preserve your purchasing power through precious metals investment at US Gold Bureau.

Friday, July 09, 2010


I am a breastfeeding advocate as I tremendously believe in its holistic benefits.  Not only the babies enjoy the advantages but it also has wonderful effects to moms.  I’m sure you’ve heard several weight loss success stories  because of breastfeeding.  My post delivery physique is a great proof.  Just six months after giving birth, I’ve shed more than 25 pounds off my pregnancy weight.  Up to now that my son is 2 years old, I’m still breastfeeding him.  So albeit challenging, giving him my milk for 28 months now has never been and will never be a bad decision.  After all, breastmilk is still the “ultimate” best for babies up to 2 years and beyond, as the milk formula commercials say.

Here’s one interesting reminder how breastfeeding is the best choice for your babies:

Best for baby
Reduces incidence of allergies
Economical – no waste
Antibodies – greater immunity to infections
Stool inoffensive – never constipated
Temperature always correct and constant
Fresh milk – never goes sour in the breast
Emotionally bonding
Easy once established
Digested easily within two to three hours
Immediately available
Nutritionally balanced
Gastroenteritis greatly reduced

Overtime Plan..Failed.

I was supposed to work overtime last night after putting the little one to sleep.  However, it did not happen.  While waiting for him to doze off, the last thing I remember is that I was pondering on the article about getting rid of blackheads I read earlier.  Then the next thing that happened, I was awakened by the little one’s movement at 3 am.  I fell asleep at the same time that the little one did.  And so, my plan to lessen the overwhelming workload I have failed.  Tonight, I’ll make sure to drink a cup of coffee before putting the little one to sleep.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Today’s Learning

Everyday is a learning experience for all of us.  I’ve read from an inspirational book that in order to make our lives become more meaningful and fruitful, we must take note each of the learning, even the little ones, that we encounter each day.  Internalize, ponder upon them and practice wherever and whenever it is applicable.

So for today, these are the random little discoveries I encountered earlier:

1.  The more you force yourself not to sleep, the more you’ll fall into it.

2.  That protein powder is a lot different from any food powders out there because it’s actually a muscle building supplement.

3.  There’s something about 9 am and I wonder why my internet always conks out at this hour everyday.

4.  Even a minute dirt can hurt and cause heavy damage.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Breastfeeding Loses Weight Fast.

Barely six months after giving birth two years ago, common question directed to me then was “how to lose weight fast”.  I am among those “lucky” moms to whom breastfeeding is effective as a slimming regimen.  Added the fact that I’ve always been on the skinny side plus the zombie nights brought about by having a newborn were enough to make me lose all the pregnancy fats.  So whenever a single friend who’s been persistently yearning to get a slimmer body asks my secret, I always advise her to get married, bear a child and breastfeed.