Monday, July 26, 2010

More Valuable Than Gold and Silver

Last night, my college best friends and I met in Sta. Cruz for the gown measurement taking.  One of them is getting married on January and the four of us were requested to be her secondary sponsors.  We couldn’t and would not definitely say no because as I’ve said, we’re all the best of friends and despite the busy schedule, different career paths taken and different priorities now, our connection is still strong and the magic in our friendship will always remain for eternity.  As expected, we were all loud and busy catching up with each other.  We talked about a lot of things – recollection of our adventures and misadventures in college, the remaining “single” ladies’ status, kids and even investment topics like precious metal commodities.  One mentioned that now is the perfect time to buy silver bullion because its price is at a good competitive price in the market.  She reiterated that it’s one good way of diversifying our assets.  We’re lured to check out US Gold Bureau, the American leader in precious metals investment, to know more about this opportunity.  I' do wish that we could meet more often.  I really missed them a lot and I won’t ever get tired exchanging deep friendships with them.  Because they are all valuable –even more than the gold and silver.

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