Monday, July 19, 2010

Lead Apparel Rewards

Our so-called Little Mansion Project or the house acquisition project earlier this year forced us to push back our whims and all other insignificant desires to the back seat. Gifts in every occasion like our birthdays and anniversaries were not excused. In fact, we made a deal that there’s no need to shop gifts as we have the house as the ultimate gift for each other this year. More than a month after the big move, it feels so surreal as we’re finally reaping the fruit of our hard work and sacrifices (shopping, included). Now that we were able to get through the most challenging part in acquiring a home (paying the down payment and all other moving and settling down expenses), I feel like rewarding ourselves with a little shopping spree. It’s been a while since we last updated our wardrobe so shopping for a few embroidered polo shirts for the husband and womens polo shirts for me shouldn’t hurt. I recently discovered Lead Apparel and I’m convinced, it’ll be there that we shop a few clothing. Lead Apparel specializes in selling custom polo shirts. These shirts made with a high quality textile can be requested with special embroidery. They offer a wide variety of products from men’s to women’s, kids, and even babies at the most competitive prices in the market. Their discount promotions are alluring, too. One gets Free Shipping for orders $75 and above and also a custom embroidery free setup for orders over 36 pieces. Browsing the New Arrivals section, the Under Armour Zone Team Polo Shirt is perfect for the husband. Such a nice sweet reward, right?


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