Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping Binds Us

My circle of online friends is bonded by our common interest in digital scrapbooking, motherhood, and blogging. Aside from endlessly chatting about our day to day activities, our worries, our triumphs, our sorrows, and all other mundane things, shopping (with our blog earnings) is among our top favorite past time. Buzz about a particular sale promotion in any of our favorite US stores, you bet, everyone of us are already gushing over the eye candy loots we adore. And yes, taking out our calculators and computing if our spare money or the incoming earnings will be enough to shoulder it. We all agree that shopping indeed is one great stress reliever.

Speaking of shopping and sales, I just learned that Pride Products are having their July Special Sales that include various promotions on their dollar store products: Summer specials, Monthly specials, Back to school specials, and special products from closeouts. I think my mood for shopping is very timely because dollar store wholesale items are just what my paypal money can afford and two, I’m really on the lookout for a certain household dollar store item. The timing is just great because Pride Products have slashed down prices on various household items.

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