Friday, May 27, 2005

TGIF and TGIS! not talking about the resto nor the defunct teen-oriented series aired on the Kapuso Channel on Saturdays..

Just simply thankful for a weekend break..enough with thoughts on work issues and other concerns..have been too much stressed and surely will be more stressed on these coming weeks..good luck sakin! (yikes!)

Weekend will also mean Wedding Preps days! I just hope I have something to blog about on wedding preps before the weekend ends..hopefully, i will be able to inquire on the souvenir bottle and paper soap suppliers in Divisoria..or even go by myself to quiapo tomorrow afternoon to buy beads/crystals for our DIY cord..(just hope laziness won't come my way hehe!)

Which reminds saturday morning is excluded from the "TGIF and TGIS" excitement..will be at work to do some reports filing..(didn't I just say enough with any work-related issues?)..ok lang won't mind since Paul is in Subic right now and will be back on Sunday's their department's outing..(kainggit naman!) I'm missing him already :(

Yeey! got our annual increase..not that much kasi pro-rated..just joined Globe Telecom last August..nevertheless, not bad..have been only with Globe for exactly 9 months blessed so much (financially, that is! hehe! workload and stress?? naaahh!) ;)

H a P p Y w E e K e N d everybody!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Work na naman???

di ba pwedeng forever leave with pay????

** ** ** **

with so many issues and STRESS at work..kung di lang talaga ako magpapakasal this year..I WANNA RESSSIIIGGGNNNNNN na!

** ** ** **
More torture days for me are about to come..
february there were four us..
mid-april... myra left us for a six-month study leave (then resign??)
come june 1..jade will be transferring permanently to Calamba
june 1 - 16..mel is scheduled for the CO101 training...
Waahh! I that bad para parusahan ng ganito?!?!?!?!
pwede bang maging darna na lang ako...(ding! ang bato!)

** ** ** **

Monday, May 23, 2005

Random (Rambling) Thoughts...

I feel...
Thankful: for having two least I still have my left hand to do everything (texting, brushing, spoon-holder while eating, undressing, bathing, typing, etc) while my right is still dysfunctional...waah! tagal gumaling!

Accomplished: Thank God! We (finally!) have musicians..we booked enamel of sentimental groove last week.

Annoyed: Despite having booked sentimental groove already, one of their AEs still keeps on texting/calling us to attend their weekly live demo grr! On demos, she's the one who welcomes and sits with the couple but couldn't answer simple queries about the bands' (rates, composition, etc). She holds a planner where their bookings are scheduled..BUT unofficial pala yun. In short, panggulo lang siya...hay! :rolleyes:

Hungry: I wonder what's for lunch..i just hope hindi na ulit alimango...inutil kaya kanang kamay ko...pero hmm, i got to be proud..was able to wrestle it with my lefty only..haha!

Clueless: Still don't know where I could upload mp3's and other files for free hosting..anyone who could help me with this one?

Blessed: For having exchanged emails/chat with w @ wie friends Mhay (ni Jherry) and Wella (ni Nikky) yesterday. I know now where I could buy cheap heart-shaped bottles with a nice topper, paper soaps and crystals/beads for the cord. Yipee..on with our DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding stuffs ulit!

Worried: Still can't write...can't even hold a pen with my right hand..this is the reason why I'm on an extended Sick Leave. Can't issue official receipts...can't type fast..baka humaba lang ang pila...worst, baka lalong di gumaling ang sugat...i really do miss my right hand! :(

Loved: siyempre by my h2b...whenever he's here alagang-alaga ako..pwede bang dito ka na lang lagi?? hehe!

Updated: with Weddings at Work mails...for once naging updated ako ..i get to read each email that's being sent on almost every minute hehe!

"Officially Missing You" - i miss my loka-lokang colleagues Mel and Jade. :(

Challenged: Paul just sent me this link
to have my fingers exercised. Guess what? I only got 11 hits..kawawa naman!

Hungry - oopps! second time it crossed my mind...i guess..have to eat na talaga! Ciao!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

My cyst is gone..

With reference to my previous just glad that my cyst on my right hand is gone. I underwent yesterday a 40-minute surgical excision of my ganglion cyst at Patient First Glorietta. (Thanks Dr. Cabreza!) For the first time in my 24 yrs of existence, I got to lie down in the Operating Room; got my first injection of anesthesia; got my first stitches. What was I feeling? Quite excited because this would be my first time but at the same time..a lot frantic about the pain I know I'd be going through. Not to mention the adjustment I would have to make while waiting for the excision wound to cure.

In as much as I am glad that the cyst is still somewhat grimacing in pain because of the stitches. Unfortunately, still don't know how many stitches I got since I was so coward (hehe!) to look at it while it was being done. Am just glad that I was lying down while doc did it. I really didn't have the courage to peek at it..baka mahimatay lang ako with the sight..though am not hemophobic, the sight of seeing your flesh under your skin is still different. The whole time, I was looking up the ceiling..counting and observing how the flourescent lamp flicked while listening to doc making kwento. He even interviewed me about my upcoming wedding hehe! (he saw my engagement ring kasi). Generally, it was painless..but i could really feel na may "kinakayod" sa loob. There were also times that I felt the pain and doc had to inject anesthesia again. When he said na "ayan malapit na.." that was the time when he's stitching it na pala and then when I happened to glanced his way..I saw the thread..tapos ayun I really could feel the thread being stitched on my skin. Yikes..ganun pala feeling ng tela.

As part of our company health benefits, we could reimburse such surgical expenses from our health insurance. Initially, I thought of paying it through credit card (didn't withdraw since I had no idea how much exactly would it be..). But with the bandage on my right hand, I suddenly realized that I could not write (am right-handed) ergo, I could not sign the charge slip. Buti na lang talaga, Paul filed a half-day leave frm work to accompany me (awww how sweet!). He offered to have his card be used (awww sweeter!) just joking baby! He was also my alalay for the whole day..he even fed me kasi nga hirap kumain with your left hand noh. Hay I suddenly realized how great it is and how lucky you are having two hands...and of course, having someone to take care of you. I feel for those disabled ones who only have one hand to move and do everything.

I know u may be wondering how am I typing at this moment..well, being the blog-addict that I am, I've learned to type just with my left hand. I even learned how to text, hold a spoon, undress, all with my left hand. I even managed to take a bath without help (buti na lang may shower!) What I can't do lang is to write..kaya nga I'm might be forced to extend my sick leave until tuesday eh. My sisters are even teasing me that I'm "inutil" daw..haha! of course not..u see I can type pa o!

Need to rest..will update tomorrow regarding our musicians..yup! we have na.. yahoo!

Last na hirit: I miss my right hand na! :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm a W@W addict... :)

as conceptualized by a W @ wie friend, Dionne :)


10. You start reading an average of 50 emails a day... or at least try to.

9. You start referring to yourself as a w @ wie.

8. You take your wedding preparations seriously and try to devote 70% of your life to it.

7. You know the Weddings at Work website like a back of your hand.

6. You start recommending the w @ w website and yahoogroup to your soon-to-be married friends.

5. You know what MIL, H2B, DIY, TMU, OTD means. (acronyms for Mother-in-Law, Husband or Hubby-To-Be, Do-It-Yourself, Trial Make Up, On The Day as in On The Day Coordination)

4. You unconsciously sign your e-mails to your non-w @ wie friends with your name, fianc├ęs name, date of wedding, ceremony, and reception venue.

3. Finishing your suppliers' rating is a dream... other than the wedding, of course.

2. You are now maintaining a blog.

1. Benz is not just a car to you.

I'm Mai..a w @ w aholic

THIS IS SOOO TRUE! Indeed, I'm a certified W @ W addict! haha! :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Sad to say...Not much!

Paul and I have been quiet ( a bit lazy na rin hehe!) on our wed preps since last month. We're STILL talking about it (of course) especially on suppliers that we haven't scouted yet but hanggang usap-usap lang on what to do...musicians, my gown and the ento's gowns, our DIY invites, etc. not that pressured pa naman nor in panic mode since we still have about 7 1/2 months or about 200 days of preparations. Yun nga lang, at times, can't help but be bothered whenever someone send me a text message or email me about this upcoming wedding saying "uy lapit na..achuchu". In fact, one of my bridesmaids sent me SMS last friday asking when they'll be having their measurement taken for their gowns. Haha! Mas excited pa ata sila ah.. Aba pag sila nakuhaan ng measurement ngayon at sila'y nagsitabaan or pumayat in 7 months..bahala sila!

Sentimental Groove: We attended their live demo last week. The TSG1 and Jame's Band groups performed. Eversince, I've been longing for these musicians (super recommended and liked by the wawies) nga lang I was discouraged of their rates... musicians were one of our least priorities. We were thinking of having just string musicians for both church and reception ceremonies. Paul even suggested na we could just compile wedding songs in a CD and have it played during the reception para makatipid. But then, we've thought din na we should not set aside the music or the entertainment since the mood of the party depends on the program and the music being played. After hearing them perform (TSG1 is the best talaga!)..I was glad Paul liked them. Yun nga lang, when we talked to Beth, seems like fully booked ang Dec. 17 sked nila. Just don't know which groups are booked. While driving me home kanina, I was surprised to hear Paul say na kahit 25K ang rate nila, we'll get them. Haha! was surprised talaga...hearing from him na super practical on things. Well i could say that their rate is reasonable naman. They can be a choir, quartet and a band..all-in-one! They play from the very solemn church ceremony songs to the grooviest sounds during the reception. Wish ko lang..we get to book them. Kate (contact person) will text me tomorrow morning of their availability on our wedding date.

Interplay Flowers and Event Specialists - We've paid the 50% of the package price.

Yun lang...222 days to go...sana more updates na these coming days.

By the way, the ganglion cyst is still with me..and HURTING ME! argh! can't schedule the surgical excision this week since I'm planning on throwing a swimming birthday treat for Paul..(di kasi pwede mabasa after the operation) yup yup! He's turning a year older on the 14th (saturday)! Greet niyo siya huh?

Wedding Preps Off-topic: Outing to Subic..

Finally we had a break!

We went to Subic last Thursday for our 2-day teambuilding activities. What were these activities? noon swimming and sunbathing at Camayan Beach Resort and non-stop chit-chat, kainan, and "drinking" session at Forest Hills Village Resort where we stayed and slept for the night.

Some snapshots:
Globe Telecom Tower One Business Center Staff

Me, Rett and Mel still at Camayan Beach Resort

Me, Mel and Jade the beautiful Cash Officers of Tower One!

Jade, Mel and Mai at Sir Tony's Car on our way to Subic

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

On Ganglion Cyst..

For months, I'm harboring a little lump on the back of my right hand palm (near the wrist). I was just ignoring it thinking that I might have just bumped my hand into something causing it to swell. Unnoticed, I was surprised that it got more prominent, though painless, as days passed. However, since I was quite conscious of its increasing size, can't help but wonder what's this?
The pain started yesterday morning when I woke up. It continued throughout the day and it got even more painful everytime I carry something or everytime I just move my hand sideways slowing me down at work. I need to pace up pa man din at work, otherwise, di mababawasan ang nakapila to pay their bills.
Bothered of its look and of the pain..I decided to file a sick leave today and went to see a doctor at Patient First Glorietta. Upon seeing and touching the lump on my hand, Dr. Cabreza immediately blurted out that it's a Ganglion cyst. At first..I got nervous of the word "cyst" thinking it might be cancerous or something. Seeing the worried look at my eyes, the doctor explained right away that it's harmless. He further explained that a ganglion is a fluid filled sac that grows out of a joint. This sac rises out of the connective tissues between bones and muscles and contains slippery fluid similar to the fluid in our joints. Because the fluid-filled sac puts pressure on the nerves that pass through the joint, some ganglion cysts may be painful.


As to how it is formed? Doc said the cause of it is not completely understood. Since ganglia can occur when there is a small tear in the may be due to injury, a degenerative process or just mere abnormality. It may also have something to do with activities applying pressure on wrists. (hala..hindi kaya lagi kasi nakababad sa computer...typing all day long? haha!)
As for the treatment, I could just ignore it lang daw since it's harmless naman. But then, I'm disturbed and bothered of the pain kaya sabi ni doc surgical excision daw. Ano daw? In layman's term..ooperahan. WaahhhH! Kahit na it's just an outpatient surgery...still, operasyon pa rin. It will remove the ganglion BUT it's not a guarantee daw that it will not recur. Anyway, i'll have it na rin kasi nga I'm not comfortable of the pain. I was supposed to schedule it this Friday but I could not because of our company overnight outing at Subic scheduled tomorrow. Besides, Paul's sister is acquainted with a surgeon that I might have the excision for free. So yun, we'll set an appointment first so i might have it next week. Hay! Good luck sakin :(

Still on new blogs layout...

Thanks for those who tagged and like the new layout of our nook.

Jacque: Sure..pagawa ka kay paul basta kapalit isang KFC bucket meal for her wife-to-be. Haha! Teka lang...paul, basically, JUST figured pano i-import ang blogs noh? I still did the main layout..transferred the contents and edited text styling ng lahat. (uy..ayaw patalo haha!)

Mec: Thanks! Amused naman ako sa "infernally horny" thing sa blogs mo.

Maricel: For now, we have no choice but resort to riding on others' hosting service provider for our media files..hehe! Like you, I've also been searching for a good FREE server. Will let you know, too, if ever I find one.

Arlene: Thanks..for sure kaya mo rin yan. Am just extra blessed kasi programmer si h2b ko. Actually, at first, he let me explore everything (para daw matuto ako on my own) but nung di ko na talaga kaya..I sought his help na. :) By the way, pls leave your blogsite url so I can link you up too.

Angie: Chat ulit tayo next time..thanks for liking the layout. Hay naku, don't worry you'll know more about just basically new din sa blogging ngayon lang ako medyo natututo ng konti.

Aggie: Ako din alang alam sa adobe. Nagsearch lang ako ng skin sa tapos i put together yung mga pics and tables na nagustuhan ko.

Monday, May 02, 2005

I just loooovveeeee my new blogs layout!

Need I say more?!?!?!

Hahaha! Finally! I've been longing to have the layout changed eversince but just didn't have the time to look for a really nice template. Didn't also have the patience to learn the codes (importing the blogs). Well, got to thank for the skin. By the way, I did put up together the pics and the frames from different layouts myself. So medyo original pa rin talaga ang dating hehehe! Thanks to GMA din pala for giving me a longer weekend (labor day moved today, May 2) to finish this.
And of course, thanks to my ever-reliable "programmer"..haha! my ever supportive husband-to-be! (Baka bawiin ang contributions pag di namention ang name niya). I did the layout but mas importante ginawa niya... he did the codes for importing the blogs from and also did almost all the troubleshooting of the codes. Thanks talaga bi, ang kapalit? 3 pancit canton at isang kiss hahaha! Oo na hats off na talaga ako sayo. :)
BTW, will redo the music nook...the links to some songs are not working na..i wonder why..hmm!