Friday, April 30, 2010

Sad News.

I really hate it whenever I read on Facebook news about deaths. My friend's dad just passed away this morning as he succumbed to an illness which I didn't quite understand. It sounded like Mesothelioma but I don't think it is. Anyhow, I really abhor hearing such bad news. But then, death is inevitable, it happens, and it's something that we have to accept. I feel for my friend who has just lost a part of her life. My prayers are with his Dad and for her family that they may accept and take all these things with deep faith.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Cough Please.

My throat has been feeling itchy and I've been mildly coughing since the other night. Now I'm taking the necessary precautions and first aid remedy so it will not lead to a full blown cough. I can't afford to get sick especially that we have an asthmatic son. We can't expose him to such virus because he easily contracts colds and cough which are known as asthma triggers. Good thing I have kept the prescription that my doctor gave me when I got sick the other month. I'll be buying some this afternoon after finishing my work. It would be great if there's a local counterpart of so I can just place my order for such meds and other medical supplies in just a click of the mouse. JazzMedical is the leading online retailer of medical equipment, home health care supply and lifestyle products.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is what we ordered last Saturday night at Texas Roadhouse Grill in Bonifacio High Street. I don't know about you but when I saw the two pieces of Wrangler's Pork Steak, it appeared to me that it was loudly screaming the word "CHOLESTEROL". But I didn't mind the hundreds of calories as I chowed down my whole plate in delight. It's very rare that I get to feast over mouthwatering and gratifying steaks. Most important of all, it's free! The bill was taken care of my sister who'll be flying back to Qatar this week. At any rate, I can always click here to peruse the most effective diet regimen I can take to counteract the excess fats and calories.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Surging Electricity Bills.

Few weeks ago, I have already read stories online from fellow wives and homemakers about how horrifying their electric bill has become this month. Majority were surprised and agitated because their bill ballooned to as much as 75% considering there were rotational brownouts happening in their areas for the past few weeks. This is so much to the dismay of many and I bet a wristech blood pressure monitor would conk out if it was to check everyone's blood pressure because of too much vexation. A lot are clueless and they demand Meralco to shed light as to how this has happened. In my folks' place, the bill has gone up by 36% from last month. But considering the increase usage of the aircon during these humid summer nights, I think, the increase was just reasonable. We're somehow relieved and we still take it as a good news somehow because our monthly bill didn't exceed the Php 5000 budget we're allotting for electricity every month. It's not also the highest ever as per our records. We're still cautious though and preparing ourselves for next month. We hope and pray that it won't surprise us with unreasonable figures.

Summer Slimming Tip.

Summer has definitely struck and there's no better way to enjoy the summer heat wave than having a dip all day long either in the beach or in the pool. So aside from shopping for swimwear, the body conscious ones are in search of the most reliable weight loss pills that takes effect real fast so they can wear and look good in their skimpy beach wears.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elastic Loans Provide Flexibility

Twist. Stretch. Flex. Imagine having those active verbs describing emergency cash loans. Urban Trust Bank offers a product called elastic loans and those verbs describe the product well!

Elastic loans are a flexible way to obtain emergency cash. Emergency cash and elastic loans can be used to avoid those overdraft fees from banks. Elastic loans can also help you build or rebuild your credit scores. Almost everyone runs into a situation where a little cash is needed to make ends meet until the next paycheck. You may need a bit of extra cash for emergencies such as unexpected car or home repairs. You may even need it to cover an unexpected medical emergency.

Elastic loans are a great way to handle these unforeseen situations. You can save just by having the cash to avoid the bank charging you insufficient funds and overdraft fees. Elastic loan fees are almost always less expensive than those bank fees. Service provider late fees can also be avoided. You can avoid these fees, such as those charged by utility companies, by using your elastic loan line of credit to pay those bills on time.

Elastic loans, like its name, are flexible. The program has several convenient payment options that will fit your needs. For instance you can pay your loan off in full at any time up to the due date. You can also receive an extension for a nominal fee if you are unable to pay it back in full. And there's even a convenient automatic check account deduction option.

Elastic loans are designed for short-term needs and may not be right for every financial situation. There are lower cost options such as borrowing money from family, friends, or even your employer. But if these options aren't possible for you, check out elastic loans when you are in need of emergency cash.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wise Sportsman.

With the breakthroughs introduced by the internet in terms of online gaming, Paul has his interest with these online fantasy games being the techie and savvy person that he is: fantasy football, fantasy basketball and fantasy baseball. He likes playing and portraying as a team owner: drafting and trading players, determining team rosters, monitoring scores and records, etc. Aside from the enjoyment of strategizing and winning, another thing he’s looking forward to about these fantasy games is the chance to win huge prizes in cash.

Actually, that's one also of his recent interests lately. Associating riches with sports. By riches, I mean winnings in sport betting to be exact. While keeping entertained by his idols in the fields of boxing, basketball, soccer, football and baseball, he also enjoys waging for them. Not only he is entertained but these games and form of entertainment also somehow make him rich with all his winnings.

He truly is a wise sports fan, isn't he?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Credit Score May Help Fight Discrimination

The way that financial institutions use a credit score may help democratize the availability of credit. Credit reporting companies derive a credit score from a host of factors. Besides helping them judge the risk of lending, it may in fact help people avoid previous forms of discrimination.

Five factors make up most credit scores. One's payment history makes up the largest portion of the score. One can get a higher credit score by paying bills on time and making deadlines. Following that in importance, the amount of credit one has used compared to its limits affects one's credit score. Of less importance, the length of one's history of credit can alter one's score. Finally, one's credit score might change if one use different types of credit or if one has tried to borrow more credit in a relatively short period of time. The credit agency would then compare these statistics to the statistics of a group of people with similar statistics and it would yield a credit score based on how likely one would be to repay debt.

One of the great effects of a credit score is that it's only one's financial history judged by others. A credit score can't judge by race, religion, sex, color or creed. In this way, the possibilities of receiving credit increase greatly to minorities historically excluded from financial life. It means very little if the desegregation law lets people move into a segregated neighborhood, but the bank refuses to give them a loan because of their race. The use of a credit score helps fight against discrimination itself. People will be judged by the content of their financial history instead of the color of their skin.

The Major Choices for Online Gambling

Let's examine some of the most important online gambling sites for individuals who want a cyber playing experience. You'll want to be sure to play at a site that is fun for you and has you with players from whom you can win money. From Caesars Online to Full Tilt Poker, all of the big names have something to offer.

Let's start with PokerStars. PokerStars proudly sponsors some of the best players in the world. This includes Joe Cada, the most recent WSOP winner, and many others. This site has a better selection of tournaments, including sit and gos, than almost any other site on the Internet. From serious high stakes to fun penny games, Pokerstars is an excellent choice. This is not a land for the fishes, however. You may find worse than average players, but more skilled and enthusiastic players tend to congregate here.

Full Tilt Poker follows a similar vein. Because it hasn't sponsored as many major players in broadcast events, it attracts fewer high caliber players. That can be both a bad thing and a good thing, depending on what you want from your online poker game. It's just something to consider.

Think of SportsBook poker as the opposite of Caesars Online. SportsBook has been targeting casual poker players and allows for more rewarding table play due to a unique system of "gold chips" and "gold cards." These features can definitely make table play much more exciting.

Caesars Online has players who have bigger bankrolls, and tends to get a selection of both rich fish and incredibly skilled sharks. While it may seem like a good place to go as a decent player, you might want to wait to hit the Caesars Online scene until you're a very experienced player. Access to this site is not available in all geographic locations.

Joe Cada: 2009 WSOP Champion - Lucky or Skilled?

Joe Cada described it as destiny. He saw what was going on just as well as anyone else did. He didn't have odds. In fact, at the WSOP final table, as part of the November 9, he almost never had odds. Still, he would win again and again. The flop would come down in his favor repeatedly. But did he play well? Was luck supplementing his skill? Or did he just manage to become the richest poker donkey in the world?

The first time this happens is when Cada goes all in with pocket threes, and this is the one that people remember the most. Jeff Shulman had jacks, and that means that Shulman had four to one odds against Cada. The flop came down with a three, meaning that Cada doubled up by making a set. He had only a 20 percent chance of winning this hand, and he did it. He wasn't playing poorly. He had a pocket pair with the low stack at the table, and he knew that Shulman had folded a re-raise. It was a risky play but not a bad one. He may have won by luck, but there was skill involved too.

On the second hand, the final three at the table included Cada, and Cada was the low stack again. Joe Cada, sitting as one of the last three WSOP main event players, found pocket deuces in his hand. He raised. Antoine Saout, who's holding ladies, has four to one odds and made a re-raise. Cada went all in. He won again. In this case, his pocket ducks were actually a stronger hand, but based on how his opponents were playing, the professional opinion dictated that he should have folded.

It's difficult to say for sure, but it looks like skill and luck were both involved. Or maybe it was just destiny manifesting itself at the WSOP.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


As I work and earn from home, one of the things I surely miss in the corporate world is working with a nice and comfortable workstation and a matching office furniture that are pleasing to the eyes and add a cozy feel to the work environment. Of course, one can always set up a work station at home but sometimes it's just not feasible especially if space is an issue just like in my case. I work on our bed in discomfort hence, the back pain I frequently endure is aggravated. I just hope and pray that having this setup hasn't aggravated my dextroscoliosis. In our Little Mansion, I have already allotted a special nook in the master's bedroom that I will transform to a work station. So excited for that.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

SM Advantage Card April 16 Special Treats

For SM Advantage Card Members, this promo shouldn't be missed. You may be able to buy the LCD HDTV that you've been eyeing for the longest time at such a discounted deal. From 10 am to 12 noon tomorrow, April 16, 2010, special treats are given to SMAC members where they can avail 5% off on great selections. Take note though that only the following SM Appliance Center branches are participating in this sale: Cubao, San Lazaro, Mall of Asia, Lucena, Cebu, Cebu-Annex, Cebu Parkmall, Cagayan De Oro, Rosales, Muntinlupa & Rockwell. For more promos and deals from SM Advantage, I suggest you become a fan of their Facebook page: