Monday, April 26, 2010

Surging Electricity Bills.

Few weeks ago, I have already read stories online from fellow wives and homemakers about how horrifying their electric bill has become this month. Majority were surprised and agitated because their bill ballooned to as much as 75% considering there were rotational brownouts happening in their areas for the past few weeks. This is so much to the dismay of many and I bet a wristech blood pressure monitor would conk out if it was to check everyone's blood pressure because of too much vexation. A lot are clueless and they demand Meralco to shed light as to how this has happened. In my folks' place, the bill has gone up by 36% from last month. But considering the increase usage of the aircon during these humid summer nights, I think, the increase was just reasonable. We're somehow relieved and we still take it as a good news somehow because our monthly bill didn't exceed the Php 5000 budget we're allotting for electricity every month. It's not also the highest ever as per our records. We're still cautious though and preparing ourselves for next month. We hope and pray that it won't surprise us with unreasonable figures.

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