Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wise Sportsman.

With the breakthroughs introduced by the internet in terms of online gaming, Paul has his interest with these online fantasy games being the techie and savvy person that he is: fantasy football, fantasy basketball and fantasy baseball. He likes playing and portraying as a team owner: drafting and trading players, determining team rosters, monitoring scores and records, etc. Aside from the enjoyment of strategizing and winning, another thing he’s looking forward to about these fantasy games is the chance to win huge prizes in cash.

Actually, that's one also of his recent interests lately. Associating riches with sports. By riches, I mean winnings in sport betting to be exact. While keeping entertained by his idols in the fields of boxing, basketball, soccer, football and baseball, he also enjoys waging for them. Not only he is entertained but these games and form of entertainment also somehow make him rich with all his winnings.

He truly is a wise sports fan, isn't he?

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