Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

This is actually so true. My blogs are my online turfs of my thoughts, interests and passion. I used to have a diary where I journal my daily rants and musings. Then now, I have my Starbucks Planner but entries are just limited. My blogs still are the best venue to park my reflections and memories without the use of ink pens and paper. I've been blogging for quite some time now and plan to continue for as long as I can.

The Christening Pics.

I haven't mentioned here yet.

Asher's christening pics have been partially uploaded to my Flickr account. I have uploaded close to two hundred pics but there are about a hundred left. It's taking me quite a long time since the file sizes are so big. I think they have an uploading tool in Flickr but I am yet to check it out. I'd probably try in a while after I finish doing my review about hoodia. If you have time to spare, please view and comment on my Flickr account.

Drug Guide on PDAs.

I labored for about 19 hours before I gave birth to Asher. Just imagine how long I stayed in the Labor Room..wondered and patiently waited for the big moment. Since mobile phones or any other things weren't allowed to be brought inside, I was left with nothing to do but stare on the big clock and eavesdrop while the resident OB doctors chatted. I heard that they were talking about a free drug reference for blackberry wherein through PDAs (personal digital assistant) such as blackberry or smartphones, doctors can easily prescribe drugs through the guide that is loaded on it. This guide will help them determine the possible interaction of several drugs that will be given. I searched online and I think it's Epocrates they were talking about.

This drug reference guide is compatible with several devices and this comes with free medical Pocket PC software, medical Palm software or medical Windows Mobile software. There are current negotiations with Apple to develop a guide for IPhone devices as well.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

The "Me" Post.

I got this from Aggie..(thanks, girl!)

I AM… a Piscean...dreamer, intuitive...moody!

I WANT…more paid online assignments and Hen Lin siomai for merienda.

I HAVE… colds and itchy throat and it's so irritating.

I WISH… Asher's Papa Lolo is here so he can cuddle and see how his unico apo is growing so fast.

I HATE… traffic.

I FEAR… having an Open Surgery instead of the Laparoscopy procedure I'm scheduled to have on Monday.

I SEARCH… for answers through prayers.

I WONDER… if I'd still be okay when I report back to work on mid-May.

I REGRET… nothing. I love how my life has been in my 27 years of existence.

I LOVE… my boys to bits.

I ALWAYS… lull lil Asher to sleep with Busy Days and Paru-Parong Bukid songs.

I AM NOT… good in organizing and packing a luggage. I always let the husband do it.

I DANCE… hmm...well (when I was younger..I even received a Most Graceful Award on my Pre-School Graduation)

I SING… while taking a bath.

I CRY… whenever I have gallstone attacks then I see my baby getting cranky as well.

I WRITE… daily memes on my Starbucks planner.

I WON… the Super Lotto jackpot last my dreams. Lolz.

I AM CONFUSED… career or family.

I NEED… a haircut.

I SHOULD… take a bath now.

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… Thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful life.

It's Raining... tasks, that is.

Eventhough two of my blogs got slapped with a PR0 by Google and it's quite impossible to regain back my old ratings, I'm still thankful for other paid blogging sites that do not rely on PRs when giving opportunities. We're on a scrimping mode right now after all the expenses we shelled out recently - my delivery, Asher's stuffs and his Christening. We might also be arriving at a major decision (hint: check this post) which could affect our financial standing in the months to come. That's why I really am thankful with the outpour of paid online assignments. It isn't much compared to my monthly salary at work but these earnings help a lot. In fact, we can already make a franchise deal with Jollibee. Lolz. Just kidding, of course. But who knows, with the constant coming of these paid tasks, this business dream may happen fifteen years from now.

She Resigned.

I got a call from my supervisor last night. He informed me that my reliever tendered her resignation and effectivity will be fifteen days from now. I can't actually blame her because of the stress and workload that was left to her. I dropped by our office last Monday to file my SSS and HMO maternity claims, at the same time to check on my reliever how she's doing. She indeed didn't look quiet good..exhausted, in fact. I checked my workstation too and I wasn't happy with the cluttered things and dusty tables, PC and CAT6 cables scattered underneath. I'll be reporting back at work on mid-May and it seems that it won't be a nice "welcome back" mood for me.

:: A Movie, TV, Music, Actors & Idol ::

I snagged this from Yen and I thought of trying, too.

1. What is the most recent movie you’ve watched with someone?
Hmm, it's been a while since I stepped on the movie house. If my memory is right, the last movie hubby and I saw was Music and Lyrics last year. Yeah, that long. Lolz.

2. What is currently your favorite TV show?
I barely watch the TV since I'm online most of the time, if not doing Mommy duties to my son. I get to watch PBB at night though at times.

3. What CD by a new artist that worth a listen?
I'm not actually updated with such. :(

4. Have you bought a CD recently by an “old favorite” artist, if yes what?
Nope. I haven't bought a CD in the last two years.

5. Who is your current favorite female actor?
Nicole Kidman

6.Who is your current favorite male actor?
Tom Cruise..still.

7. Do you pay attention to “actors born on your birthday”?
I checked out Wikipedia to check. There are a lot of celebrities that were born on my birthday but their names don't sound familiar to me: Aaron Eckhart, John Provost.

8. Who is your favorite artist left on American Idol?
David Archuleta.

9. Who will win American Idol?
I have a feeling it'll be David Archuleta

Asher's Seven.

My son is on his seventh week already. Time does fly really fast, doesn't it?

Here's how my baby is growing according to

You may notice short periods of time when your newborn is quiet and alert. This is prime time for learning: Your baby's brain will grow about 5 centimeters during his first three months!

Use these calm intervals to get better acquainted with your baby — talk to him, sing to him, describe the pictures on the walls. He may not be able to add to your conversation just yet, but he's learning nonetheless.

New textures for his hands to feel and new sights and sounds (all in moderation) are all learning opportunities. Even bath time becomes a laboratory for understanding life.

Further, it is also the stage for sensory development. During Asher's quiet time or whenever we put him to sleep, we sing to him lullabies especially his favorite nursery rhyme, Busy Days. My mom on the other hand lull him to sleep with Ilocan folk songs. According to babycenter, it doesn't matter what song will be sung to him. In fact it is actually advisable to play different genres or types of music. For some babies, they even enjoy the sound of wind chimes or a ticking clock. The more varied the offerings, the richer the impact.


It's mid-summer and the sun's scorching heat is really almost unbearable. We haven't gone swimming and yet my skin is a little bit tanned already. I've been going out since Monday so that probably caused my skin to darken a bit. Which reminds me, I have to text my hubby to buy me a skin whitening soap. My stock needs to be replenished.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My Main Blog is updated...

Please proceed here.

Winning Lottery Number.

Do you have luck in winning lotteries and raffle draws? I don't and it's so frustrating that I haven't won in any drawings even with the small ones that are held in the office.

Have you tried betting your winning lottery number online? If yes, then you would also love In fact, you'll get addicted with it. Joining is easy as 1-2-3 but betting your lottery numbers and winning prizes is easier. With their amazing odds, you get to have the prize you've long been dreaming of. How about winning a Maldives Vacation Package? or a Macbook Air or an EEE PC & Iphone. Or a pair of Smart Coupe Cars? Ain't that all fabulous? Go ahead and place your winning lottery numbers to win your dream prize.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Asher's Now a Christian.

We just got home from Asher's Christening and we're all glad that he's now a Christian. I'm quite overwhelmed how my dear son is loved as proven by the number of guests who celebrated with us. A lot came to the Church to witness the baptism that we almost didn't fit in the Baptistry. Several came more in the reception, lovingly cooing and gazing at my dear son, bringing lots of gifts in different sizes. Mostly were bulky ones though that we had a hard time fitting them in the car when we went home. It's quite intriguing what thing could be in each gift. One even seems to have a shape that of a mini trampoline. Asher was well behaved, food was great and everyone enjoyed. I'll be posting pictures taken from the celebration as soon as the raw files are sent by our photographer.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Online Casino.

I could have logged in earlier this morning if not for my brother who didn't sleep through the night and just played online casino until 9:00 AM. He's currently addicted to playing poker imagining as if he's really playing in casinos.

He just recently discovered and he's hooked into it. He says he loves everything that this portal offers..from all the casino online games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, keno, pai gow, slots, roulette and a lot more. It also features top online casinos where one can certainly win the highest payouts and bonuses. He also has nothing but praises how the site is wisely designed. I might as well check it out and try playing poker myself.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Panic Mode No More.

Saturday's just around the corner and I'm so excited that Asher's will be baptized soon. I've been relaxing since last weekend thinking that everything's well covered and finalized for the big day. Not until yesterday when I received Paul's YM message that caused me to be in panic mode which, with the help of my dear online friend Diane, was also resolved immediately. I think I finally can relax with just two days to go.

By the way, here are the invites I did for his Christening. Pardon if the details are unreadable and would need magnifiers to see it. I intended to reduce the size for privacy and uploading purposes only.

Credits: Posh Baby Cakes by Laura Deacetis

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Career or Family.

I got this from N@W and it's worth reading and contemplating for.

Career or Family
by: JB Jimenez - Ayala Land

Ano kayang halaga ng tagumpay sa career if it has been achieved at the expense
of the family. What profit does a man have kung mawawala naman ang kanyang
pamilya? OO nga, meron siyang salapi na milyon ang halaga, magandang mansyon,
travels around the world, and cavorts with an array of girls, women, and ladies,
pero naman ang kapalit kung ikaw naman ay being hated by your daughters and is
the mortal enemy of your sons. Can success in career really make up for failure
at home? Which then is more important, wealth or family. A great number of us
would readily say family. Pero totoo kaya na ang ating sinasabi ay ating
ginagawa. But do we walk our talk ika nga? Are we willing to translate our
mindsets into concrete actions? Day by day, we are bombarded by 52 million
dollar questions, Sino ba ang mahalaga ang mga anak ko o ang trabaho ko.

To my fellow employees, I don't know how you react out there or would Answer my
questions. In my case, as an accountant who always spend overtime in the office
to be able to submit deadline reports come month-end or cut-off period, I have
made unforgivable mistakes. If I have to live my life again, I would need to
overhaul my priorities, to rechannel the efforts that I Have been exerting with
passions and commitment . I thought all along na ang Lahat ng ginagawa kong
pagpapahirap at pagtratrabaho to the max to get a promotion, I am doing it all
for the family. But I was wrong . Today I know better. When my wife or daughter
is on the phone I make sure that I attend to them first, never mind if there are
urgent things to attend or papers to submit to my superior, after all they can
wait for 10! minutes..... but if I deny the 10 minutes that is so important to
them, it would have a lasting effect than to my Boss who might be replaced in a
couple of years.

My family is my top priority , period. It is not a choice between my family and
my career. MY FAMILY IS THE REASON WHY I NEED A CAREER. My career will come and
go, employers can come and go but one's family Will remain even beyond the grave
. They even take care of our graves. Noon kahit mayroon affairs sa school ang
aking mga anak, I'd tend to preponderate toward the official duty and delegate
the affairs of my kids to my wife. I used to operate on the paradigm that I
should focus on the duty first before pleasure . Now I know that MY first duty
is toward my loved ones. I should put my time where my heart belongs.

Today if I will to do it all over again, I'd reverse my priorities . My son will
only graduate once in elementary and only once in high school, I will make sure
I will be there, I will file my vacation leave and if my Boss rejected it
because I need to attend to a company function where I am required to attend, I
would still go to my kids graduation no matter what the consequences are. This
time I am willing to become an average corporate officer, a so-so business
executive but a great father. I'm willing to be reprimanded by my Boss for a
late report but not hated by a daughter for not remembering her birthday every ilalabas ko siya the whole day and cherish the moments every minute
dahil alam ko hindi ko na maibabalik ito kapag lumaki na siya at kung gawin ko
man later, baka huli na. There are more important matters compared to corporate
business meetings, Family peace and love- these are the ones that matter most.


If you think possessions are more important than family, go ahead. Spend 20
hours in the office, bring home your corporate work. Neglect your wife.. don't
spend quality time with your kids. Don't attend important family gatherings.
Find work that you are away for a week and only meet your family every
week-ends, oh what a waste. Delegate raising the children to your spouse. Leave
the young kids to the nanny. Let the driver brings your kids to school. Ask
someone to represent in your son college graduation. If you find something wrong
at home, don't mind it, anyway your concentration is in your job. You have your
career remember? Don't greet your father and mother on their anniversary. Spend
all your time in the company. Baka mawala ang tiwala ng Boss mo sa iyo sayang
ang pinagpaguran mo ng matagal. If you have aging parents, don't visit them.
enjoy your career in isolation. Drink, dance, be merry, But in the end, you lose
all the love ones who love you more, after
neglecting! them. No wife, no kids, no family. you are alone and pretending to
be happy. don't blame your company. don't lay the Burden on your Boss. Hindi ba,
You made the choice? You opted to put more value on your career. Dahil sabi mo
pinaghirapan mo lahat ito and pangarap mo na ito simula pagkabata dahil mahirap
ka lang ikamu...gusto mong yumaman. You gambled and you lost.

I know of an executive na masyadong depressed... every week lang siyang umuwi sa
pamilya niya. Week-ends lang niya nalalaro ang mga bata kung minsan required pa
mag-stay ng sabado sa office, who finds no meaning in his life, he's got the
money, a beautiful wife who according to him might be hiding something from him
(you know what I mean) and the kids are not genuinely closed to him, for no
apparent reason he had pulled the trigger to his head. He's got everything and
he lost everything. that is the tragedy of it all.

As for me, I know better. After all the pains, the burdens of mistaken
priorities, I have made my choice. Anytime, anywhere, my family comes first. My
career, my business, my outside clients, all my other pursuits are only means to
the end of all my sacrifices, my wife, my sons, my daughters, my family. I shall
thus manage my various objectives well. there shall not be conflicting objective
anymore. For I now know clearly my prioroties and shall be faithful to them. I
shall be willing to give them up; excess money, much comfort, travels, and girls
for and in the name of the family. That is simple and straightforward.

PS. Are you aware that if we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for
could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family we left behind will
feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour
ourselves more into work than to our own family, an unwise investment indeed,
don't you think? And we often treat strangers and coworkers better than members
of our family.

Paypal and EON.

For those who are recently into paid blogging biz and clueless on how to withdraw their paypal earnings, you may do the following:

1. Apply for a Union Bank EON Card and enroll it on your paypal philippines account. Please refer to this helpful post by Chikai for the procedure.
2. Another and an easier way is by simply withdrawing/credit directly to your philippine local bank account.

I've tried these both and transactions were completed according to their SLA...3-5 business days.

Shopping for Baby Supplies.

Asher has been with us for one and a half month already and I could say that Paul and I are still a bit lost but slowly getting the hang of nurturing a newborn. Things are better now that we got some extra hands but a few weeks back, Paul and I would split "Asher" duties. While I directly attend to most of his needs, like bathing, feeding and lulling, Paul would assist in sterilizing his bottles, preparing his things for bathing and shopping for baby supplies.

It could be a great help if we have a local version of where one just have to order baby supplies online. It is an American online retailer of life enhancing products: medical equipment, home health care supplies and even consumer retail products such as Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear. It offers over 55,000 products through its recently enhanced online shop where one can comfortably browse by category (for example: Daily Living Aids, children/pediatric, maternity care, etc.), by brand and by condition. Go ahead and check out their site and experience yourself the recent add-on features on their site: RSS feed / Blogs / Product Guides and auto-order.

Back to Blogging.

If you haven't noticed yet, I've been blogging in my three online turfs like crazy since last week. It is because of the extra help that I'm getting from my Mom and Asher's Nanny. I now have some free time to focus on posting updates and on my online raket and it's doing pretty good. paypal fund finally gets replenished.

World Wide Link Love.

Thanks Aggie!

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Please feel free to join this linky love.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Invest with Gold.

Gone are the days when gold is used as a means of barter way back medieval times. Nowadays, it is most commonly known as a chemical element with the symbol of AU and atomic number of 79 and of course as jewelry. But other than this, do you know that gold is used as a standard for monetary exchange, for example, in the form of coins and ingots. If you’d like to protect your wealth and preserver your purchasing power, you can purchase gold and other precious metals at Monex Deposit Company, the leader in America’s gold investment for thirty years. Invest now and secure that wealth protection.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

3GB Community.

I don't know if you have heard already about the 3GB Community. If you are familiar with or have an account with sites such as friendster and multiply, check out and join 3gb community It's an online community site where you can meet new and old friends, upload photos and albums, join online groups, create a blog, engage with other members through chat and hear mp3 songs. Isn't it a one-full jampacked site worth trying?

Baptismal Checklist.

Just six days to go and it's Asher's Christening. I just have to make a rundown of the preps status before I'll check the Branson real estate catalog that a friend e-mailed me.

1. Church - booked and fees fully settled. We have also attended the required Pre-Baptismal Seminar for the parents and sponsors yesterday.
2. Reception - Made 50% downpayment. Call the Manager on Wednesday to check on things and finalize number of guests according to those who RSVPed so far.
3. Baptismal Outfit - Already bought a polo barong terno for Asher. Just need to wash and press.
4. Cake - Order already place. Payment made last Thursday.
5. Souvenirs - Done. Just need to place the tags.
6. Photo and Video Services - Done. Just need to finalize and give instructions to Kuya Richard and Sonny.
7. Invites - Just a few left to send out.
8. Headcount - Get final number of confirmed guests by Wednesday.
9. Guest Sheets - Just awaiting the final layouts from kind-hearted Diane, Suzanne and Litzie. I love these girls to bits!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Dear Asher.

From a tiny one, weighing 2.79 kilos (6.14 lbs)...


to a cheeky one, weighing 4.30 kilos (9.46 lbs)...


Thanks, Ma.

Wow..finally, I got some spare blogging time here. After being a full-time Mom and nanny-less since I gave birth, I found some "me" time lately with the coming of my Mom. As I'm sick and need extra hands in taking care of my little one, she hurriedly travelled last week. She also brought along with her a Nanny who'll stay with us after she goes back home by next week.

I'm just so thankful that she's here, fondly taking care of her grandson. Even during those times that my gall stones aren't attacking, I let them bond for quite a while. I just enter the picture when my son needs to feed. Other than that, all the bathing, nappy changing and playing time, I let them spend time together. And it's during these times that I get to have my "me" time. Even at night when Asher's having some crying fits, it's Mom who cuddles and lull him back to sleep. I'm so thankful that she's here. I'd definitely miss her when she goes back home in the province. I might check out and buy her the best anti wrinkle cream there is in the drugstore as a token of gratitude.

AC Please.

Asher's coming into our lives has made a deep impact to everyone. Schedules changing, priorities re-aligned, movements here and forth...every aspect of our lives are affected.

Among the latest projects we're considering is having our bedrooms both at my in-laws' and my own folks' places renovated. (Yes, not having your own place yet after getting married do have its advantages, but disadvantages also do arise). Since the summer heat is on and Asher's comfort is at stake here, Paul is planning to install air conditioners in both rooms. But he can't have it installed easily as he needs to have the windows replaced first. He's thinking of totally changing the old-fashioned Spanish style windows or just place a screen or glass type in front of it instead. Placement of vinyl shutters could also be one option. I'd leave that to him as I totally don't have any idea when it comes to house renovation matters. I just hope he gets it done really soon as the heat especially in the afternoon is almost unbearable.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For BIL.

It's been quite a while since I last updated this nook of mine. Well, life has been pretty busy, occupied and exhausting lately that I didn't really have the time to go online. I wasn't also able to update that much even my main blog.

What we are focused on right now is Baby Asher's baptism which we coincided with my Brother-in-law's birthday next weekend. We're pretty much done with the all the details since we're just keeping the celebration simple. I have yet to buy though a gift for my brother in law. Honestly, I don't have an idea yet what to give him. Aside from his soccer trophies, Playstation games and mp3 player gadgets that adorn his bedroom, his closet is packed with big lousy shirts. Probably, I'll just get an idea from among these interests.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sleeping Soundly.

Thanks to my sister-in-law. My Baby Asher is now slumbering more soundly during his day sleep. We used to have him sleep in his bassinet during the day but he wakes up so easily upon sensing and hearing the slightest noises. He also seemed not comfortable with it probably caused by the summer heat, too. At any rate, his aunt BJ just gifted him with a cradle that we hang in two of the fiberglass columns downstairs. He's liking it so much that he now has longer uninterrupted sleep. Of course, it's not only him who's more comfortable but I am as well as I get more time to rest.