Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Payday Loans Are the Last Charity

There isn't enough day to day charity in the world. It's not often that it gets said but there is a lack of even basic charity for fellow men. I'm not sure if anyone takes time out of their day to help others the way they should be helped.

Here's the thing: everyone thinks charity is about big companies and organizations. They believe that if it's on some grand stage then there is more meaning behind it. If I give $50 to the Susan G. Coleman Foundation for breast cancer research or if I give someone on the street the help they need changing a tire, aren't they the same? Maybe, just maybe that $50 is the last money needed to help find a cure for a horrible disease which benefits millions. Maybe that flat tire only helps that one guy who, in turn, won't do that for anyone else.

Still, isn't the point of charity to do as you see needed? How many people would get out of their car to help, even if helping at that moment might actually make them feel better? The idea behind charity is to be kind to others, not just to do what everyone else is.

Charity always seems to be put in a box but it should be free to be done anywhere. It seems to be OK when the purpose is greater. Whatever happened to picking up someone's tab at a restaurant? What happened to paying for someone's gas? What happened to making the most of the day by helping someone else?

The closest thing we have to a charity these days is payday loans because they are always willing to help out whenever. But it takes more than a loan place to make the world better. It takes effort everyone. Until people make charity a choice it will continue to be a cold world.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gold Coin in Weddings

We were so happy when my Dad, who’s working in the Middle East, volunteered to shoulder the cost of our weddings rings five years ago.  Middle East is known as the region where gold jewelries are sold the cheapest because of abundant gold sources there. We preferred a white gold one so what we did was we sent them our finger ring sizes as well as a sample picture of the design we wanted. When my dad arrived, I was so amazed to see the rings he bought because it looked exactly the same as that of the picture we sent him. We even had an extra bonus.  He said that a gold coin, a dozen of it, makes a good arrhae.  So we also had an instant, symbolic and precious arrhae!  Speaking of gold, there’s a wide variety of precious metals that are available at US Gold Bureau.  It’s one of the American trusted gold dealers and has been an industry setter for a long time.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blemish-Free Faces (naks!)

We were invited to attend Joy’s daughters’ double celebration of baptism and birthday party last week.  Joy is an online friend but we discovered later on that she and dear husband are second degree cousins.  Hubby’s maternal grandmother and Joy’s paternal grandmother are sisters.  So one blood runs through their veins and yes, it is indeed a small world after all.

Most of our Twitter Bebot friends were also there.  We loved the TGI Friday’s food.  The kids had a great time.  Twitter Bebot Moms had a grand time chatting, camwhoring, and thanking Kelly for her sample vitamins (LOL). 


Stunning eh?  Kudos to the photographer, Jojo, (fellow Twitter Bebot Alpha’s husband).  He really did a great job capturing this photo.  Do take special notice of our skin.  It appears that the best acne treatment cream isn’t needed at all because of our blemish-free faces.  Thank you, Jojo, for that wonderful magic. Hehe!

Could It Be Lappy’s Wifi?

I don’t know what’s exactly wrong but I noticed that I have been experiencing intermittent internet connection at random times of the day since last week. Sometimes, it’ll just last for about 30 secs (the connection icon on the taskbar would suddenly display a yellow exclamation mark). Other times, it lasts for about 3 minutes or longer. The weird part is that I can browse at my iTouch while my lappy experiences that so that means there’s nothing wrong with the internet connection itself. Hmmm, could there be something wrong with my laptop’s wifi? Geez, hope there’s none. I’m entirely dependent on my laptop for my online life and work. I surely wouldn’t need those herbal weight loss pills as I would really lose weight and be problematic if something will go wrong with my lappy. Here’s wishing that everything’s just okay or else…. double whammy! :(

Gold Coin Collection

Our neighbors owning the 6th unit finally moved in two weeks ago.  I haven’t gotten inside but I saw the lavish home wall decors that they have.  I noticed that they have a huge frame of a coin collection.  When I got to talk to the wife of the owner, she said that the coins are from various countries with different values and wide array of colors from gold to silver to copper. From afar, I noticed that she has gold coins the most.  There is a number of silver and platinum coins as well but not as much as the gold. She got most of them from her travels abroad. She mentioned about United States Gold Bureau..I think it's from there that she got her latest addition to the collection. She said that more than a hobby, she's having it as an investment since rare coins and precious metals make good fortune if traded wisely.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Equal and Balance

Date check..there are only 120 days to go until my friend’s wedding in which I’m going to be one of the Secondary Sponsors.  That means I still have about 4 months left to put on some weight and meat.  I know, it’s kind of weird and unusual wishing to get plumper because most of the time, we would hear ladies complaining about finding difficulty to get slimmer or women wanting badly for the Top ten diet pill.  Well, I may be lucky that I’ve always been on the skinny side.  That, I rarely gain weight despite loading up myself with unlimited amount of food.  But the truth is, I'm also struggling in a sense that I don’t want to look like a hanger with my clothes on.  Now if we only can share body fat with each other easily to equalize and balance all things, that would be great, isn’t it? And I’ll look better with my dashing and elegant gown.

The Wedding Seminar


I got this information from my wedding planner friend, Jody’s Facebook photo share.  This is a two day interactive seminar for aspiring wedding planners happening on September 25 to 26 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.  The seminar fee is Php 12000 and is inclusive of buffet lunch, snacks, materials and handouts and a certificate of attendance.  This seminar will be conducted by the experts and prominent figures in the wedding planning industry.  The covered topics are all informative. related and very useful..all that one needs to know to start and sustain one’s wedding planning business considering with all the ever changing trends and innovations in weddings each year.

Wedding planning is a stressful job. But if armed with the right knowledge and approach, everything will be less or even, not stressful at all. These guidelines will serve as one's anti wrinkle cream for whatever glitches or mishaps happening on a bride's big day. A wedding planner's main task is to not let the bride become a bridezilla, to catch all taxing glitches for the couple and just make their day as stress-free as possible.  That’s what they are hired for, actually.

Netpreneurs and Facebook

Netrepreneurs or more commonly known as online sellers have indeed found the social networking site, Facebook, as an effective and profitable marketplace.  These online stores need not spend on expensive hosting service and domains since they can easily advertise their products by just tagging those who are on their contacts.  This tag feature of Facebook can reach so many  users and consequently tap potential customers which will later on translate to sales and profits.  Sometimes, my Facebook feeds look like a virtual market because all sort of products and services are posted from clothes, photography services, accessories, hair loss products, baby items, home products and many more.  Payment and delivery processes are also now convenient because people can just deposit their payments to the seller’s bank account, pay through g-cash or remittance centers.  Shipping fees via couriers such as LBC, Air21 and Xend Express make the delivery a hassle free transaction as well.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Does Mold Test Kits Do

We think our homes are spotless and clean, but no matter how clean our surrounding is, there are still microorganisms like molds that pose a danger to our health. Molds helps decompose organic materials but it can be a problem when they exist in places like our homes. It is necessary to perform a mold test to find out of its hazardous existence. A latest research links indoor mold contamination to health symptoms such as allergies, asthma, headaches, migraines and other more.

ImmunoLytics offers an affordable and easy way to test for mold . The mold test kit include all the materials you need to test your home or office.  The kit includes mold analysis and free phone conference with the environmental expert. When you order the mold test kit from ImmunoLytics, it will enable you to test for presence of mold in two rooms. Special plates are included for sampling the environment. The kit also comes with a guide sheet that lists down the easy step by step instructions for you to follow. A processing form is likewise include which has to be mailed back to ImmunoLytics for analysis. Once the samples are analyzed, an online full-color report shall be sent. The result of the mold test will be discussed by the specialist. You will receive a phone call from the environmental expert consultant to ensure proper communication of results, providing you with recommendations. When it is necessary, you will be referred to specialist like allergists, environmental inspectors.

Echolight Design’s Home Lighting Fixtures

Various types of home lighting fixtures accentuate the design and style of a house. The Echolight Design website showcases an enormous collection of lighting fixture with over 40,000 products. With its vast lighting products you can’t help but get overwhelmed with the multitude of different collections from pendant light fixtures to ceiling fan lights. The website is professionally designed and at first glance, one will be readily convince that they offer a high quality lighting fixture.

The website is very easy to navigate. It doesn’t have a search bar where you can just type the key word of the particular product you’re looking for. However, the products are neatly categorized so it makes it easy for users to navigate through the page. The colors used in the site have a good contrast -black, red and white, very catchy to eye, very pleasant to the eye. The pages also load fairly fast thereby making your shopping experience truly a splendid one.

One thing I really like about the site is that it has a special tab where it displays the recent items you viewed and you can easily scroll and go back should you wish to view again a particular item.

The Echolight Design has it all, everything you’re looking for is here. There is something for everyone and if you’re working on a budget there are discount lighting fixtures available from their collection.

Web Conferencing Solutions for Businesses

The internet technology has changed the corporate scenario. Today, people from different parts of the globe can be connected with just a single click of a button. Web conference allows individuals to communicate via the internet using a computer. The Conference Group provides businesses teleconferencing services that cover the needs of your company, developing a plan that is most suitable for your business. The Conference Group offers audio conferencing, Web conferencing and video conference solutions.

Video conferencing revolutionizes the standard face-to-face meeting. In a Video conference attendees can share ideas and information through audio and video transmissions via the internet. Video conference is an excellent avenue when the distance is an issue for a meeting. Participants don’t have to travel, it simply lowers the travel expenses and it provides company the ability to conduct immediate meetings.

Web conferencing service allows live meetings or presentations via the internet. Attendees can logon and access documents referenced during a meeting. Leaders can control document sharing and poll taking.

The Conference Group offers simply the best Audio conferencing in the industry, it provides comprehensive, worldwide solution. The Conference Group offers clients to communicate with their partners across the globe through the International-toll-free access making it more effective and affordable for the clients. The Conference Group website is very informative and easy to use unlike other sites that are difficult to navigate. The site is simple yet has a strong appeal of professionalism. The information on the website is not overwhelming. The colors are perfect and very effective; you would know right away that the site targets corporate and business people.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BioAstin and Other Natural Supplements

Last weekend, I finally got to see my OB-gyne after postponing the appointment for more than a year now.  Busy schedule and hectic motherhood duties always get in the way preventing me from taking a time to see her.  I really don't have complaints nor I don’t feel any discomforts at the moment but I needed this checkup for the yearly routine monitoring.  This yearly routine is necessary especially if you’ve given birth already, according to my doctor. The results of the pap smear will be released on Saturday.  I’m feeling positive about it since I’ve said, I feel just fine and my body’s okay except for my skinny body.  I’ve mentioned to her that I’m still breastfeeding my now 2 year old son and she’s impressed and in fact, commended for being an advocate.  She gave me multivitamins though as a supplement since I’m still nursing and needed enough energy to sustain it.  Since we were talking about vitamins and supplements, our discussion was later on focused with the different supplements available at  She has nothing against natural supplements like the BioAstin, jarrow and Himalayan Salt Inhaler.  In fact, she’s a natural supplement taker herself.  SuperVits is a superstore of vitamins, nutritional supplements, and natural formulas all aimed to help one take control of his health naturally and live a healthier lifestyle.

Comic books haven Newkadia

Is the old comic book place getting a little too crowded? Are you getting bored with all the usual titles? There’s no need to be. provides you with several reasons to continue reading comic books and continue loving them.


Newkadia showcases a wide selection of comic books and comic book titles. Regardless if you want the old spiderman comic books or if you’re craving for some new titles, you will find what you’re looking for in Newkadia, and you don’t have to sweat to find it. The site not only allows you to browse the titles from home, but it also has a very simple navigation system that lets you select comic books based on the first letter of their titles.


Because the site is run by comic book fans as well, the passion for reading is given a high priority. The owners of Newkadia maintain the lowest prices to encourage more people to read comic books. Even their shipping cost is one of the lowest.

Growing selection

Newkadia has comic book titles dating all the way from the 1930s. Its growing collection of titles covers the Golden, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern Ages of comic books, gathering the very best of DC, Marvel, and even the recent independent publishers. Its selection still expands by accumulating an average of 2000 more comics every day. Whatever your fancy may be, Newkadia probably has it.

Fishing Trips

During summer, Fishing Trips are among the most exciting outdoor activities that family can enjoy together on the sea.  This trip is suitable for all ages as they excitedly help one another from the young to the old catch fish or they can explore and get enthralled by the beautiful sea horizon and the colorful fauna underneath.  To make the fishing trip a more enjoyable experience, there are several factors to take note of before embarking.  Among them include:

* The Fishing Lodge – the best place to go fishing is a lodge that has complete and the best amenities like public rooms and a private cabin or a cozy place to relax at.  The views and the sceneries of the place must be taken note of too.  A fully furnished room can make your vacation a comfortable and relaxing experience.  Many fishing trips, fishing charters and fishing lodges can be book at

* The Fishing Equipment – the things and fishing tools must be durable, high quality and can withstand the water pressure. has the most comprehensive information and directory about the outdoors.  They offer hunting outfitters, hunting guides, Hunting Trips and fishing charters that will surely make the group’s trip and an enjoyable and memorable one.

Watch Your Favorite Sports with Sporting Event Tickets

There is nothing more exciting than watching a sports event live. Being able to cheer for your favorite team along with other fans right there can bring such a high to sports fanatics. Those who love watching these sports events live would often troop to for their Sporting event tickets.

They offer different sports packages that no sports fanatic could resist. Among these sports packages are single game packages, Olympic packages, World Cup packages, All-Star packages, Super Bowl packages, Indianapolis 500 packages, US Open Golf packages, and Championship event packages. They could also easily customize a package for individuals or groups. These packages offer the complete sports experience by including the hotel accommodations as well so that no matter where the sporting event is, fanatics could watch it live.

They do not just sell Colts tickets, Kentucky derby tickets, and other sports tickets. Music lovers could also get their own fill with the concert tickets that the website offers while theater aficionadas could likewise get their share of theater tickets.

Those who love sports and who love watching them live need not miss a single sports event anymore. makes watching sports events live very easy regardless of what the event is and where the event is.

Brochure Printing

When setting up a new business, one of the critical factors to work initially on is the Marketing aspect.  This involves the process effectively and efficiently introducing your brand or your service to a potential market.  One of the most effective means of introducing one’s business is through brochures, banners or leaflets.  As simple as they may sound, these promotional materials should be catchy and attractive enough to catch one’s attention.  Thus, a well designed, professional layout must be implored.  Brochure designing and Brochure Printing shouldn’t be as complicated as one thinks because there are custom printing providers available online like the  They are a one stop shop of custom printing needs either of business and commercial in nature or even personal.  Having been in the business for thirty years now, they have mastered the art of providing high degree of satisfaction and impeccable service to their clients.  For every Custom Labels and Plastic Business Cards requirements, several businesses implore their expertise in order to come up with the best and most effective marketing and promotional tools through their brochures, leaflets and banners.  High quality, budget and fast service is what they guarantee.  The site also features interesting promotions and deals like a referral program and great discounts for every new order.

Custom Printing Superstore

Going digital is the trending thing now for every designing and printing requirements.  Whether it be for business or personal needs, we find ourselves on the hunt for digital printing solutions.  With the easy and instant access to the internet, finding the right provider is not a challenge anymore. is a one stop shop that offers a wide range of Printing Service solutions and products.  It is called an online printing superstore because they  offer every type of printed product there is: business cards and forms; commercial prints like booklets, brochures, flyers, calendars, etc; form labels, mailers and specialty forms; stock and specialty labels; magnets; office products; promotional and all other stock products.  Their collection of free art templates can be easily referred to when seeking help in creating an artwork for a particular Custom Printing product.

Quality is never an issue as they use the latest and state of the art Online Printing technology thereby coming up with superior quality printed products.  The company’s existence for now more than 3 decades has established a reputation for their name that they provide nothing but impeccable customer service.

The pricing is impressively structured so low cost yet high quality is what they guarantee for every product.  They also regularly come up with enticing promos like a 5% off for any new order.

Flicker Stock Video Clips For Free

For my son’s second birthday, I was feeling a little techie and wanted to put the videos of him into good use so I made a special AVP highlighting his 13th to 24th month.  I’m actually a newbie with video editing but through the Windows Video Maker, I found my way through and came up with a really nice, and touching video.  This perfectly capped my emotions as a sentimental mom for his baby who’s growing up so fast. 

In the course of my video editing, I searched the web for flicker stock video clips that I can include at the beginning.  That’s when I was led to the website of RevoStock and it’s there that I found the perfect retro countdown I was looking for.  I really liked that I got to download it for free as part of their Weekly Freebies.  RevoStock is the complete source for reasonably priced, high quality hd stock footage, stock music and incredible Adobe after effect plugins.  This is a haven for those wishing to create videos of whatever type and theme as well as a perfect venue for professional producers, motion graphics artists, videographers and musicians and audio professionals to sell their quality works.  So basically, it’s a one-stop marketplace where one can buy and sell stock video clips.  Everyone liked the video I made and I’m sure that my toddler surely did, too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buy Superbowl Tickets at Sport Events

The Super Bowl Sunday (Super Bowl XLV) is set to conquer the world on February 6, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  If you are a football enthusiast who can not miss this major sporting event, do know that you can already reserve and Buy superbowl tickets through Sports Events, LLC.  The company perfectly understands how this event means so much to many football enthusiasts so as early as now, do reserve and take advantage of their tempting great deals on Superbowl tickets and alluring Super bowl packages.

Sport Events is the source of the grandest Superbowl packages which includes deluxe accommodations, premium tickets and exclusive access to the the most sought after Super Bowl parties.  All of their packages and promotions are geared toward corporations or groups yearning to treat employees and clients as well as individuals who wish to enjoy the ultimate Super Bowl experience.  Package upgrades also include golf games and access to many of the area’s private country clubs so this is also great for those who equally love golf.  Aside from the Super bowl event, you can also get tickets and access from Sports Events to other national and international sporting events like the Men’s College Basketball Championship’s Final Four event on April 2011, Indianapolis 500 on May 2011 and U.S. Open Golf on June 2011.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Her Birthday Wish

A friend will be celebrating her birthday soon and I find her birthday wish really fascinating and admirable.  She’s desperate to get enrolled in a beauty school for a formal cosmetology education so she wants to get a scholarship grant.  Ever since I’ve known her to be so much into any beauty-related stuff: makeup, hairstyling, nail arts, fashion, etc.  She has the artistic eyes and hands to beautify a person so I agree and pray with her that she gets her wish.

One of the beauty schools she’s looking to apply at is the Regency Beauty Institute. This Minneapolis-headquartered institution is the fastest growing cosmetology school throughout the United States.  Many of its graduates are highly in demand to work in the top notch salons, cruise ships and even runways.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Slowing Down

I got worried to death the other night and yesterday when I felt some random twinges on the chest.  The pain was imminent every time I breathed in heavily and it felt like a sharp pain drawing on the middle and left portions of the chest.  According to online articles that I read, conditions like this are more likely associated with lung problems since it has got to do with the breathing and not about the heart.  It’s quite puzzling because I do not smoke whether it be non-electronic nor the electronic cigarette brands.  I’m quiet relieved though about it not related to cardiac problems but just to be sure, I’m going to tell my doctor about the pain I feel when I see her this coming weekend.  My guess is that it has to do with stress and my being sleep deprived these past few days.  Perhaps, it’s a gentle reminder that I have to slow down, relax and take care of my health.

A Different Type of Rack

I was actually googling for shoe rack types when I was led to a website that shows a picture of a thule roof rack.  It turns out that I clicked the link of a shop that specializes in assembling auto roof racks, bike racks or adventure travel gear, such as ski racks, kayak or canoe racks and cargo carriers.  Yes, a different type of rack.  This is what I get when I multitask.  I’m actually watching a Glee Marathon while trying to finish some pending deliverables.  Season 2 will soon begin so I’m rushing to finish all episodes of Season 1 before it it premieres.  The show’s really addicting and I wonder why I didn’t go with the Glee mania flow while it was shown.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Safest Commodity Investment

Gold has always been a favorite investment product.  The main reason is that, whatever form it may be whether in bullion, ingot, bars or gold coins. the value will never ever devalue no matter how worse the world economy will become.  It’s the safest investment as this has been proven since time immemorial.  History has it that gold is among the earliest forms of barter even in the old era.  It has proven its worth over time and it will continue to do so in the years and generations to come.  If you are thinking to own the safest investment, US Gold Bureau, the American leader in the commodity market, can help you do so.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quality Elegant and Eco-friendly Evening Dresses

Many women have experienced not having anything to wear to a party or a formal event. Despite the easy access to shopping that the internet brings, finding a good website that would provide you with high quality dresses is still a rarity.

One of the few places where you can get dresses that will celebrate your individuality is Jessica Iverson Couture. Among the stylish and elegant collections you can find there are wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. This fashionable line targets a specific market – the plus size market, the eco-friendly market, and those looking for maternity dresses. If you do not want to compromise you own individual style even while wearing high fashion couture dresses, then a Jessica Iverson dress might be the ‘it’ dress for you.

Aside from this, Jessica Iverson started a line of dresses that feature the use of very rare eco-luxe fabrics and natural materials like hempsilk satin, hempsilk charmeuse, hempsilk shantung, hempcel, organic cottons, cotton silk, un-dyed, unbleached, natural silks, and many more. The line is blazing a trail in eco-design with radical ideas like using recycled polyester satin from bottlecaps and other recycled materials.

The Jessica Iverson Eco Couture even goes a step further by partnering with Trees for the Future. Who said buying a dress cannot be eco-friendly at the same time?

The Perfect Concrete Polishing Machine

The husband and I were deeply involved with the construction of our dear Little Mansion a few months back.  Not literally with the physical tasks and all but we were involved in the selection of the finishing touches like the floor type, paint colors of the walls, cabinet designs, etc.  For the floors, we we had a unanimous choice to use floor tiles in marble finish.  We browsed a home depot supply store where we also easily agreed on our preferred color.  We’re just so happy that the developer was so flexible and just accepted all our requests without any hesitation.

Four months after its installation, I love our selection for the tiles.  The only problem is that sometimes it’s tough to remove the stains.  This is the reason why I’m prompted to browse the website of Innovatech Products where concrete polishing machines and concrete polishing tools are widely available.  It is a leading distributor of high quality flooring technology like concrete polishing tools, carpet removal systems and other products designed to make flooring work easier for the homes, commercial and industrial buildings.

I’m drawn towards their I-shine machine which I think is the perfect concrete polisher for our dear Little Mansion.  The I-Shine polishing is the latest and most advanced polishing system because of the revolutionized features, speed and other functions. This machine has pads the matrix of which is designed not to over glaze the floor. These pads polish up, down, and over the lippage thereby leaving even polishing results. Looks like I found the perfect machine to take care of our flooring.

The Debate on Shaw Carpet or Bruce Hardwood Floors

The husband and I have been thinking to make the playroom a real bedroom already. I was tasked to actually canvass for beds and even accessories to put there before we finally put things in final decision. One of the items I am particular about is on what Carpet to choose. The husband and I have been debating on it since I really want to put a new Shaw carpet to make the room cozier. But the husband on the other hand is insisting to just keep the existing Bruce hardwood floors. We are still undecided on it since we are yet to compromise on that matter. I guess waiting for what the interior designer would advice us would makes sense.

For the meantime, I cannot get off my eyes the beautiful carpets available from Carpet Express.  I particularly like those Plush Carpets that gives a more formal look to any room in the house. But the colors in their Metro collection exudes modern feel of a room. The patterned carpets would be a great addition to a closet room. I know it is not yet time for us to change the carpets in our rooms since we recently installed these new ones but I just can't stop looking. I just have fanciness with anything related to house designs. Maybe, I should just try to check out the area rugs. That one I can probably justify to the husband our need to buy. Let's see.

Denver Car Accident Lawyers

I wish there is an accident lawyer in the part of the world where I am from, just like those denver accident lawyer. When I met an accident few months back, it has caused me a lot of inconveniences because of running after my insurance claims for the car that was hit by the truck and for my own injuries.

Apparently, Colorado Injury Law provides the best denver car accident lawyers, who are specializing in providing legal representation even for personal injuries. This kind of lawyer is also called denver personal injury lawyer. But too bad, I have to run all the paper works on my own and all the follow-ups with my insurance company. It has caused me a lot of headaches, not to mention time and effort just to fix all my concerns. Unlike in Denver, it could be less burdensome if you meet such accident since there are dedicated professional lawyers who are really willing to serve.

The firm, Keith Fuicelli has been in the business for more than 20 years so they really know very well their craft. They are known to provide thorough investigation about the accident, represent clients in possible trials and most of the time win the case. Those who have been victims of another’s negligence or wrongful acts can actually hire them. They wouldn't falter and give up until they get what is lawful for their client's rights. That makes me really wish there is a firm like that here.

Fines Wines as Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner so I am already in high gear on what to give to close family and friends as gifts. Apparently, I made a decision to give out fine wines this year especially to most of our suppliers. But I am not just talking about simple wines, which you can easily get from any wine cellars. I am particular about the type of wine to give out.

Last week, I attended a wine 101 lecture series from one of the hotels in the country so I got valuable information on how to actually choose a particular wine for a specific occasion. A colleague recommended to me to check out Sokolin for their best deals. I learned that giving a rare wine makes your gift a valued present by the recipient. So now, I would like to choose of course a premier wine which can be a signature gift we can buy for our family and friends as well as something we could open during some Christmas parties at home.

With Sokolin, I can order the finest wines and trim down my options based on country of origin, region or producer, year, and even its color. They even have slashed down the prices of some of their selections by almost 15% from their sale products, which could be a huge savings especially if you are ordering in cases. As per my friend who recommended, nothing much come close in offering American's Fine Wines than Sokolin. I now have an idea where to actually order.

Concrete Floor Grinder and the latest Floor removal machines

The floor of the house is perhaps one of the most “used and abused” elements of the house.  Literally, they are always stepped on and due to the force of gravity they are made to carry or support the whole weight of all the stuffs in the house.  So as time goes by, it experiences cracking or fading off of colors.  Because of this, there also goes the need to replace them.  Sometimes, house owners decide to remodel completely their house so there’s also the need to use floor removal technology.

Innovatech Products is a distributor of top quality floor removal, concrete floor grinder, polisher floor grinders and other floor polishing products.  Their services and support are highly valued by those who wish to remodel properties or obtain superior designed maintenance products for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Their machines are  the latest, safest and have the most effective mechanisms and technology in floor removal technology. 

A Predator concrete grinder and polisher, for instance, they have revolutionized this machine to come up with an easy to use feature, having incredible balance and wide range of tooling options to come up with the most acceptable and satisfying grinding and polishing results.

The Holistic Use of the Oregano Oil

Advancement in the fields of technology, computers and medicine are very well accepted by all of us.  But sometimes, we tend to forget that the some of the natural things or bio-alternatives around us are equally effective and powerful.  Take the case of the oregano plant.  I bet only few of us know the holistic use and the magical wonders it can do in combating  certain ailments we experience every now and then. 

Oregano is a plant that we can grow in our garden and require less maintenance. It comes in different breeds which are used for different purposes. Some breed of this plant is used as spice in the kitchen. While the Oregano Oil form is most effective as a natural, non-allergic, antiseptic, anti-parasite,  and anti-viral product for certain ailments and diseases like the following:

allergies, runny nose, sinusitis, breathing difficulties and nasal drip; diarrhea, intestinal gas, and digestive problems.  It also works well against sore throat.   The oil is also used to combat the venom of bee stings and snake bites.

This plant is available almost everywhere but there’s one online store that can readily deliver the oil product of oregano as well as other bio-alternatives and natural supplements like probiotics, tea tree oil, choline, carnitine and many more., a manufacturer and distributor of alternative therapy and alternative medicine products, is the website to browse for such needs.  Their prices are the lowest compared to other health stores and ordering online is as easy as we do when we shop for other products and items on the internet.

Autographed Photos Memorabilia

My friend Robert loves collecting autographed sports memorabilia.

I went to his house a few days ago and I was really amazed with his collection. He has different kinds of autographed photos from different sports celebrities and their plays. He also has numerous vintage memorabilia that almost occupied the space of his room. Plus he has these cool autographed baseballs bats with real and authentic signatures from the home runners. When I saw everything he has established I asked him how and where he got all of it. He uttered that he got some of them from friends and most of them from Hollywood Collectibles.

Honestly, it was my first time to hear about Hollywood Collectibles so to satisfy my curiosity I ask him their website and thought of browsing it this morning. The moment I saw their website, you could really spot that this place is really for sports addicts or sport memorabilia collectors. I read the whole page with excitement for I have some plans of buying a boxing collectible for my husband. As some of you know, he’s really a boxing fan and he really craves for more boxing action even outside the ring!  To satisfy that, I’m planning to give him one memorable gift this Christmas. :)

Bunk Beds For Sale

Are you looking for bunk beds for sale?

Well, look no further for has everything about bunk beds! Yup, they have a wide gallery where a variety of cool bunk beds are available. All you have to do is choose which fit your taste. Their design ranges from the coolest to the cutest bunk beds for your kids and the most convenient and space saving designs for your guest rooms, dorm rooms and lofts. also offer bunk beds wood designs that you can coordinate with your precious furniture pieces so even if you’re purchasing this for your house you can never go wrong with your interior designs. Lastly, moms out there will surely love this site not only because of their cute and children friendly design but also because of their free shipping offers! Great!

Anyway, I’m still browsing their website for twin bunk bed that my friend Lisa was asking me to review. Her twins really need a new bed because their old one is now a total wreck! I think the poor bed couldn’t handle her twin’s terrible energy! Lol! :) I just hope I could finish my search and send my recommendations to her before my husband ask me to go to sleep. There’s so much to choose in this store that’s why it’s really hard for me to recommend what to buy. Lol!

Selling Used CNC Machines

An old factory near us is announcing their upcoming closedown sale. There were reports that they will be transferring to another location, I don’t know if it’s true. Maybe they will be totally terminating the business since they are now selling their Used cnc machines and cnc milling machine. I doubt though that they can easily dispose these machines fast since they are rare and can be used by companies with the same line of business. If I am one of the people in charge on this I will look for companies who buy and sell these kind of machines to immediately dispose them. I chanced upon one site that specializes on this and that is is the best place to look for Used cnc machineries. They are also the best place to visit if you want to buy used high ticket CNC items. Their inventory of used items includes horizontal mills, the machine that offer product with pallet automation to increase production which helps company produced high output; CNC lathe, which is used for turning metal parts; and CNC milling machines, the most common among today’s cnc milling machine tools, bearing the most trusted names such as Daewoo, Doosan, DMG, Haas and many more. Maybe I can suggest that instead of selling their CNC items the old way, maybe they can try, at least I could help them even through this.

Mobile Development from

I was browsing the internet this morning for some web apps to download on my mobile phone when I luckily stumbled upon

The site was full of high technology opportunities and data that will surely make your mobile phone loaded with special applications and will give you the highest level of Mobile Development. provides software Web Design and development services for your iPhone, Mobile, Mac and even iPad. With the astonishing hype on high technology gadgets many individuals thought of inventing and innovating more interesting stuffs for every gadget. Like with the recent Blackberry Development, where the company has launched their best mobile operating system – the Android. The company has opened their smart phone platforms to third parties and even entered the arena of user friendly mobile phones.

Change is really constant in the industry of high technology. One should always include innovations on their business plan and should always find ways to defeat their competitors and join hands with their partners to establish a great bond of high technology gadgets.

School Fundraising Ideas

When I was in my secondary education, I was one of the officers of the Outreach Club of our school. Maybe you’re wondering what an Outreach Club is? Well, it’s a small school organization that deals with helping people around our community.

One of my most memorable experiences with our Outreach Club was when we had a fundraising program for a public school near our place. The school barely moves with its poor status because of lack of funds. Unfortunately, our government has forgotten about them and they really need that help of people like us who are doing well with life.

School fundraising ideas where then gathered from different levels and sections. We send out suggestions slips for them to help us decide what school fundraiser programs we must use to accumulate lots of funds in just a couple of days. One of the fundraising ideas was to organize a school concert with the help of our famous and generous artist from the Philippine Entertainment Industry. We were lucky enough that one of our members have connections with some of the hottest bands then. The whole concert was a hit and we had successfully accumulated lots of funds for the renovation of the school rooms and even buy additional books for them.

We also sold various novelty items similar to Uncle Jerry T’s products like T-shirts, towels, towel ponchos, bags, wallets, mugs, candles, and other assorted gift items.  This site is truly a great resource for fundraising items because they are top quality, affordable and incredibly easy to sell thereby providing great profit potential.

Android Development by

I guess you’ll agree that almost everyone nowadays is dreaming to have his own iPhone, the latest craze among mobile gadgets. The trend nowadays is the multi-touch functionality of mobile phones and iPhone has it which makes people go gaga over it. Other mobile brand such as Samsung is trying to be equally competitive with the Apple’s iPhone. They’ve launched their latest model of phone, the Samsung Galaxy line with an Android OS. It wouldn’t be surprising to see other brands to follow and ride with the latest trend.

But whether it’s an iPhone or other similar phone models what is surprising to me is the technology behind the interactive functionality of these gadgets. Google was so brilliant in developing the Android OS. More and more telcos are now benefiting from it. More people are also enjoying their mobile devices because of it even though they don’t own an iPad or iPhone. Others even seek the services of companies who specialize in creating functions and applications using the Android system. is one of the many companies who specializes on Adroid Development. If you’re from a telco who wants to incorporate Android apps to your product or Android devicess, then is the right company to tap since they provide various software designs and development services including Android Apps Development and Android Game Development. Some of their successful projects are the AndroidBook, the first full-featured Facebook client for Android; The Plateau Android, a 50 level game of mind twisting puzzles; United We Smack, an entertainment app; and others that used to be accessed only through iPhones but are now enjoyed by many using the Android SDK.

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Golf is one of the most love sports by men especially executives, maybe because it’s a sport about precision. Businessmen usually play this sport and enjoy it while discussing company issues or business transactions. I remember my former boss even organized a golf tour just so that he can discuss a business project with a punctilious potential business partner. It was a backbreaking project for his assistant because she was tasked to organize the event. Now I heard that she was preparing yet again for another golf event. This time it would be a golf vacation.

I don’t play golf so just hearing the word “golf” sounds boring to me. It just don’t appeal so much to me at all. But for golfers a golf vacation would sounds interesting, lol! I Googled for the best golf vacations packages the internet can offer and came across They are offering great deals for Myrtle Beach Golf vacation. Some of their most popular Myrtle Beach Golf Packages are the 4.5 Star Gems from $217 per person, which already includes golf, lodging, cart fees, and taxes; the Central Best Deal (3 nights, 3 Rounds for only $210 per person); and Legends of Myrtle Beach (which starts at $237 per person) to name a few. It’s also easy to book with a just a few clicks on their site. I’m sure my former boss would be interested with the packages.

It’s STD Awareness Month!

I’ve read that it’s the STD awareness month and since STD remains a major public health challenge in the USA, it’s best to make ourselves aware on STD and STD testing. First we have to be aware of the symptoms of STD which usually include rash on the skin, pain during urination, fever, chills, aches and pains, unexpected weight loss, and more. If you feel any of these symptoms then it’s best to take the same day htd testing. I’m amazed actually because I’ve heard that these types of testing like hiv pcr test and herpes testing take weeks before you get the result. But now, it would take only a day. The procedure is pretty simple too. Just like the procedure done by National STD Testing, it includes free pre- and post-test counseling which is very confidential. This is to make sure that the procedure is properly done. What I love about their procedure is that it’s fast and very affordable too. Gone are those days when you have to worry on your bill. Gone are the days when you have to wait for weeks, making you nervous of the results. Now, it’s not only easy and simple, you are also assured that no one will know about the results. Only 3 steps to know if you are positive or not – call National STD Testing, visit a local lab to have the testing done, and call them back for the results. That’s it! Yes, it’s definitely easy!

Nebulizers: Life Saving Machines

Every year, I would vow to stay healthy for the rest of the year. I want my family to eat healthy and hopefully avoid getting sick. I believe that maintaining a good health is way easier than getting sick. Imagine the huge expenses when you need to rush any of your loved ones to the hospital. I know, because after spending 2 nights at the hospital I realized that health is truly wealth.

When the kids get sick, usually it starts with colds then would develop into cough and then before I knew it, it would get worst that I would need nebulizers to make them well and get rid of the phlegm as soon as possible. Good thing there are already available portable nebulizer. At least with this, I can bring these life saver machines anywhere we go. Since our family travels a lot, we would be bringing this particular nebulizer wherever place we go. With this, I can be assured that the kids will be safe. I found these machines from Southern Medical Supply Inc. They also offer other machines such as pulse oximeter, auto-inflate arm blood pressure monitors, handheld VMT nebulizers, and more. I was even surprised that these machines have competitive prices. I’m so glad. Knowing how expensive these machines are!

Well, as for striving a healthy lifestyle – we’ll get there pretty soon!

Need a Criminal Attorney?

When I was a kid I’ve always been curious on Lawyers. I’ve always been amazed at how they talk in courthouses and how people intently listen to them. I used to think that they must have studied for years just to be able to get to their current position. I’m not much of a speaker especially in front of a huge crowd, so Lawyers for me are pretty admirable. I guess they must be especially the denver criminal defense attorneys. Having a criminal attorney and a good one that is, makes it possible for you to win the case. Everything depends on how he delivers and how he would act as a good defense lawyer.

The denver dui attorney that I’ve read about online are good. They’ve been in the business for 20 years now dealing with combined legal experience and client representation including hundreds of trials. Most of the Denver criminal defense attorneys of the law firm of Fuicelli & Lee are well-trained. They can help you anytime if you have been charged with a crime. For me, being a defense attorney is the most difficult job. And it is also the most critical so it’s best to hire the most reliable and you can find it at Fuicelli & Lee’s law firm.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Shopping Online for Printer Cartridges

A computer is now a necessity for a student. Gone are the days when the library is a favorite destination for researching and the typewriter as a tool to make their projects with. With the internet and the technology of computers and printers, students can now just research at the comfort of their homes and come up with a formal, neatly printed reports and assignments. With such requirement, the demand for computers (now even for laptops and netbooks) and printers have significantly increased over the years. Along with computer shops, printer ink stores have also flourished dramatically.

On the web, online ink refilling stores have made our printing needs a lot convenient and easier. From our homes, we can just browse the vast catalog of inks and printer cartridges at and order in a breeze with just a click of the mouse. Once the electronic secured payment is verified (usually by credit and debit cards and Paypal), shipping will be facilitated promptly. Printer-Cartridges sends out all orders for shipping the same business day they’re purchased. For just a flat shipping rate of $4.95 (or free for orders over $45), the ordered high quality toner refill and laser printer cartridge will reach your doorstep in no time.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Looking for Cash Advance Payday

We all face situations in which we need extra cash. In these circumstances, we search for money, and end up with the belief that finding it is improbable. These instances are when we pay late bills and in times of family and personal emergencies. It is in these circumstances when we should keep in mind that there is one solution for such problem, it is called a cash advance payday.

What are the advantages you can have when asking for a cash advance payday? First of all, it is a short term loan. It provides you with cash which you can pay on your next payday. These are perfect for covering up the unexpected expenses, things that are not included in the monthly budget. By taking a cash advance payday loan, you avoid high interest rates!

Cash advance payday loans are typical of most loan agencies. Requirements for these include 18 years old age requirement and have a regular paying job in order to start your loan process. Not only that, but you will also need a checking account for verification to which the money will be transferred. However, it is easier to qualify for a cash advance payday loan than for any other type of credit! So, if you have a current stable job, make at least over a thousand dollars per month, and have a checking account, or savings account, you are on the right path to get one.

How long does it take you to get the cash advance payday loan? Usually, the approved loan proceeds are credited the next day. The money will be sent to your account right away. This is a speedy delivery for any cash emergencies that may come up. Nowadays, there’s no need to fax or do any paperwork. This is a big plus for someone who is in a hurry to take the loan.

Be sure that you look around for the best deal possible when it comes to getting a cash advance. This will help you find the best rates possible for the amount that you want to borrow. Though cash advances are good for emergency situations, they’re not meant to be used and abused. If you over borrow in several instances, this can actually come back and bite you. If however you have a great reason to receive a loan, this may be the best route possible.

B2B Telemarketing Companies and Call Centers In the Philippines

The call center industry in the country is growing at such a fast rate.  There are several factors contributing to this, the primary reason is that the cost of labor is much cheaper with offshore outsourcing.  The mastery, fluency and eloquence of Filipinos with the English language and culture (being a former American colony) makes them highly favored candidates as compared to other Asians.  Lastly, the advancement of information technology has made the viability of offshore outsourcing greater than onshore solutions.

Call center companies work hand in hand with b2b telemarketing companies.  A call center would not have a business if it does not have telemarketing leads especially if its in line with outbound telemarketing or those involve in making sales calls.  DCI Direct Connections International is a telemarketing lead generation company specializing in providing high quality pre-qualified leads.  Part of the Delta Community Company, this firm also commits to maximize the response rates of the potential market since the most accurate and updated list is what they implore.  They also set the appointments from potential buyers and since their interest is already set or established, more likely the lead will progress into a sale.  DCI exists to create and manage sales growth for those in the call center industry.

Seattle Contractor

A friend who has just got married is asking for contractor referrals from me knowing that we’ve just had our Little Mansion constructed.  Actually, the contractor who managed the construction of our house was the developer’s choice and it was not us who directly scouted and hired them.  We are generally satisfied with their works but how I wish I can give him more options.  I just told my friend to scour the web for directory listings of local general contractors as I’m sure tons can be googled.

In the Auburn area of Washington, there’s a seattle contractor that is highly favored by developers and home builders because of their expertise and professionalism.  Braveheart Construction and Remodel Inc specializes in seattle general contractor services, remodeling, renovations of kitchens and decks, painting and even framing services.  They have been in the seattle construction business for several years now and holds a clean record at the Better Business Bureau listings.  It is advised that before hiring anyone to take charge of a large house project, one should do a research. An easy way is through the internet. Try googling Braveheart’s company name and there are no known unresolved complaints and issues that have been ranted about them.

Dallas Used Cars For Sale

Last year, the husband’s assistance was sought when my parents-in-law decided to buy a family vehicle.  He helped them search the newspaper classified listings then he also drove them to casas and auto shops selling pre-owned cars.  We had quite a number of trips to these shops until they were able to find a van that they liked which the family fondly uses now especially on long, out of town trips.

Albeit tiring, the car search was definitely fun because we enjoyed looking at various car makes and test driving units.  In dallas Toyato aficionado has an easier way of finding new and dallas used cars for sale.  Toyota of Irving, Inc is a very helpful online resource for those who wish to own any of the irving Toyota lines like Camry, Avalon, Corolla, Matrix, Prius and a lot more.  The site is easy to browse and it’s not confusing because the car models are neatly categorized.  So let’s say you are in search of a pre-owned car, the “used inventory” album is the catalog to click while for brand new ones, the “new inventory” is the tab to choose.  There’s another way of doing an easy search, too and that is through the Inventory Search fields where you just have to input the year and Toyota model you are in interested to  buy.  Right now, there are 1,431 vehicles on their list so should you be interested to buy a new car, try searching their catalog and who knows, the perfect car is just waiting for you in there.

Polarized Men’s and Women’s Sunglasses at kaenon

Our TV was tuned to a golf game in a sports channel when out of the blue, the husband said he wants to buy a  new pair of sunglasses.  I was like “what does a pair of sunglasses has to do with golf?”  Then when the player was focused, I saw that he was wearing a nice pair of golf sunglasses.  I kidded him that he doesn’t play golf so it wouldn’t suit him.  He said in defense that sunglasses aren’t for golf players only and that sunglasses are essential for everyone to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays and blinding glare of the sun.

Right after, he googled for the term “men's sunglasses” and he was led to the website of Kaenon Polarized.  I got lured by the lovely and stylish designs so I sat with him and browsed the catalog for women's sunglasses as well.  I liked the Leila design best.  It has a trendy design, variflex nose pads, and best of all, it has Kaenon’s patented SR-91 polarized lens.  They are the first and the only ones to date to have such lens material.  What’s special about this lens is that it filters out all harmful UV and blue light in an ultra-lightweight, impact resistant lens while providing high-resolution optics.  The site has various styles perfect for the athletes and for those adventurous persons who are into outdoors.  Check out Kaenon's Polarized fishing sunglasses should you need a pair when sailing out on the sea.

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Buy and Sell of Used Farm Tractors

A friend’s province-based uncle has just been granted with the US Visa that they have been waiting for so long.  He and his family were petitioned long time ago by his parents.  As we all know visa processing for a family migrating there takes not only a few but it could take so many years before the approval is merited. 

So now, they’re rushing the sale of the properties that they have and mostly are related to their farm properties like the lot and used farm tractors.  It really helps that there’s the internet to post a listing of properties and used tractors for sale.  In a blink of an eye, all of their properties were sold like hot pancakes.

One good site of listing used john deere tractors and new farm equipment for sale is the Tractor Search.  In there, numerous HP Tractors of varied models, skid steers, combines, trailers, construction tractors and all other farm equipment can be found for purchase.  Most of them are pre-owned but  still in good condition.  The prices are all competitively marked down as well.  For buyers interested with new farm equipment, there are also quality tractors of different top brands like New Holland, Gehl and Komatsu. So if you know of someone who are in the lookout for a listing to sell or buy farm equipment, Tractor Search is the site to recommend.

Electric Motors

Having low water pressure is big inconvenience especially if you live alongside mountains, hills or any high lying areas. It is hard to shower, cook, do laundry when you have no water. Which is why some people in those high elevated areas opt to install hydraulic pump systems. One example of these systems uses Hydraulic rams. A hydraulic ram, or hydram, is a cyclic water pump that pumps water from low lying areas to a higher elevation. With the use of Pneumatic valves, it creates a vacuum that extracts water to increase your water pressure. With higher water pressure, performing your housework becomes much easier. If you are ever put in a situation where you are in need of a supplier for high quality hydrams, Compressed air dryer, and other machinery components contact Freemont Industrial Supply. You can look up product information, specifications, and also photos of wide assortment of supplies from their website. You can also email them if you need any product or application question or if you need a quote for the products that you need. They ship their products via UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air and FedEx, with some items shipping free of charge.

Home School Curriculum

One of the bloggers I follow on my feeds reader is a Mom who home schools her child.  She regularly blog about how she and her daughter are doing with their home school activities, of how they both enjoy the learning setup, the child’s achievements and basically her thoughts as a home schooling parent.  She has adapted the Montessori Home school curriculum which puts emphasis on the child’s sense of independence and movement.  What I anticipate most in her weekly report is their art activities where she would show pictures of her daughter’s impressive artworks.
Recently, I chanced upon a website: MECS Montessori Educational Software or simply MECS which offers a specialized training module on reading, spelling, grammar, math, science and geography for Montessori schooling kids ages 2 1/2 to 12.  This module is tailored to include Phonics software and even a Dyslexia software for those with special needs. This software has all learning styles suited for kids who are gifted, with ADHD – Autism, and kids with impaired hearing and speech.  Having this MECS software is seemingly like having your own private Montessori teacher who is ever ready with Montessori lessons and  materials.  I’m just not sure if my blogger friend already has this but I’m certain that this could help she and her daughter further with their home schooling.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Stamp and Coin Collecting Supplies at Lindner

I remember that our eldest sister used to be fascinated immensely with stamp collecting when we were younger.  Her deep interest into such has enabled her to fill several albums with unique and colorful stamps from all over the world.  She said that it gives her a different high every time she has a new rare addition and a surging degree of satisfaction and fulfillment whenever she browse her stamp album

Many people consider collecting things and memorabilia as an exciting hobby.  Aside from stamps, others have a Coin box or a coin album to which they store their treasured rare coins collection.  Ever since, these two are the most popular types of collecting hobby.  The main reason is that it does not take too much time and money to get started.  Along the way, the interesting facts discovered about a certain culture or country through a stamp or coin feeds one’s curiosity and stirs the investigative mind of a collector further which what makes the hobby addicting.

Lindner recognizes this passion and the tremendous yearning of a collector over a certain memento that’s why they have come up with the most interesting products that can aid them sustain a particular collecting hobby.  They have the widest selection of collecting tools and accessories like coin collecting supplies, coin holders & capsules, assortment of protective mounts, covers and sleeves, postcard and other type of albums all geared towards protecting those treasured and most prized collections.

Protecting Boats and Marine Engine In Times of Hurricanes

The Governor declared a State of Emergency in the entire MA state due to Hurricane Earl. Most homes in the coastal communities along the entire east coast boarded their windows and evacuated. The storm was initially predicted to be a stage 4 hurricane which will be at stage 3 by the time it hit the north east. Though they predicted the storm to stay more in the ocean and to hit coastal communities, the inland communities was predicted to get only a few rain shower. Most of boat owners, took their vessels out of the shores for fear of ruining not just their Boat engine but the rest of their water craft. It is a hassle having to get their Marine engine or any part of their boat fixed. Mercruiser engines are kind of expensive and since it's almost the end of boating season, none wanted that extra expense. It's a good thing the storm fizzled out and became weak. By the time it reached the area where my friend is based, they got only about an inch or two of rain and some forceful winds, but nothing compare to the flooding and massive destruction to the eastern Caribbean islands. They prepared food and made sure they have batteries for lighting in case the power went out but it's really good to be spared from the storm.

US Engines Inc is the remanufacturer to trust when rebuilding such type of engines.  Their reliable expertise, affordable prices, convenient installation and skilled remanufacturers and technicians are just among the reasons why boat enthusiasts turn to them when a repair need arise.  Ordering and availing their service is easy and convenient because of their in-house engine installations solutions.

Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online

I enjoy being an apprentice chef in our new little kitchen or service area however, what peeves me sometimes is the lack of space or tops to work on. While we have a “formal/cleaner” kitchen inside, the stove can only be placed in the service area which I have mentioned, isn’t that spacious so preparing ingredients and the act of cooking itself can be quite difficult. Apparently, the developer didn’t adequately design the service area with enough of that. Perhaps, the architect who designed the layout isn’t a cook so he wasn’t able to picture the exact space needs of a home’s cook. And so, we right away requested the foreman to make us a wooden counter that will be placed beside the kitchen sink. It’s a counter top complete with drawers and cabinets beneath. The foreman was able to come up with a good design but how I wished I spent some time to check out the RTA kitchen cabinets at Online Cabinets Direct first. It would have also been great if we could have just ordered from them but due to geographical limitations, I believe it’s not possible and the shipping and logistics would be too costly as I’m in the other side of the world. But other than that, Online Cabinets Direct is certainly a one of the best places to buy kitchen cabinets online for those in the serviceable areas in the US. I browsed their catalog and I fell in love with most of their designs and wished our kitchen top is as lovely as any of them. I love how the specs, design, styles, and assembly answers are well presented, too, guiding the buyer in every step of cabinet shopping online.

Wholesale Party Supplies

Are you a party planner? My love for party planning was an offspring of my wedding planning some years ago. My husband and I got married five years ago. Back then I was hands on my own wedding planning up to the minute details, resulting to a fully personalized party. Everytime my friends would have a party whether it be a bridal or baby shower, a housewarming or birthday parties, they always call me to do the theme decor and motif for their parties. It's really great to have a good and reliable party supplies source to get all nice d├ęcor from.

Party Pro is an excellent site to purchase themed supplies from like balloons, plates, table cloth, streamers, disposable serve ware, utensils, centerpieces, wall decors, pinatas and other goodies. They sell item in bulk or wholesale quantities so you are sure to save money. They even sell candies for goodie bag for the little kids. Imagine being able to choose over 6,000 discount party supplies, you sure to find anything you need for your party. When you have a store with this comprehensive and affordable supplies and ships your items promptly, it makes party planning really easy like a breeze.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

As of this writing while my husband’s in deep slumber and loudly snoring at 5:30 in the morning, it’s exactly 103 days, 5 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds until our 5th wedding anniversary (do notice a lot of 5’s in there).  I can’t believe it’s that 5 years long already as it seems it was just yesterday when I walked down the aisle to meet him by the altar and vowed to be each other’s lifetime partner for eternity.  We’ve surely went through a lot of adversaries and triumphs, we’ve shared so much joys and sorrows. Our marriage is not perfect, we’ve had our own share of misunderstandings and complexities but in that span of 5 years, I certainly have learned more about him and have loved and cared for even more.  As we celebrate this year our Wooden Anniversary, I’m now thinking of the best 5th anniversary gifts that will show how I value and thank him for being the understanding and caring husband I’ve always yearned to have.  He’s that type who’s simple, appreciative of the smallest things and easily pleased.  So I’m sure that these symbolic anniversary gifts associated with Wood will mean more to him over other lavish stuffs:

Seeing this toilet paper will surely start our anniversary morning with a laugh and can set the anniversary mood all throughout the day. 


A romantic hand carving figurine will make a great display in our shelves in the living room.

Our anniversary photos will look perfectly romantic in these wooden frames. media.nl3

Summer Isn’t Over Yet in Arizona

I’ve never been to Arizona but it is known that it has exceptionally hot summers because of its desert landscape.  This state has actually varied landscape so the average temperature varies depending on the elevation.  According to my research, the average July temperature in Phoenix / Tucson area (1200 ft elevation) is 81.0F/27.2C to 105.9F/41.1C while Flagstaff / Grand Canyon (7000 ft elevation) averages 50F/10C to  82F/27.8C.  The temperature drops a little during September but it’s still generally hot.  Thus, summer is definitely not over yet in Arizona these days and it’s expected that air conditioners in this area will still be regularly used to keep them cool.

For those who needs to have their air conditioners repaired due to heavy use or checked for maintenance, a reliable Arizona air conditioning company can be easily reached.  I also have done my research on this thing and there’s only one name in line of Arizona air conditioning service that stands out among many service centers because this team simply deliver what they promise.  Air Conditioning by Jay's Comfort Team is well known for their impressive customer service and expertise. They just know their thing and an overwhelming satisfaction is what this Arizona heating and cooling experts provide to their clients. 

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Anniversary Gift

Come December, Paul and I will be celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary.  I know I have said it over and over but I’m really amazed how time has been flying by so fast.  It seems it was just yesterday when we vowed our “I Do’s” and now, 5 years later, we’re still madly in love with each other and is kept inspired and driven by our adorable 2 year old son.  Then who knows, anytime soon, we’ll expect another addition to the family. 

Speaking of anniversaries, I am yet to come up with an extra special anniversary gift for the husband.  I know he’s been longing for IWC Watches but I’m afraid my savings won’t be enough to cover that.  I saw the exact IWC model he’s been lusting over and it’s truly fabulous.  It’s just sad that I won’t be able to give him one or any of the luxurious brands at Lussori which by the way is brimming with lots of the grandest timepiece brands and jewelries!  Let’s see how will I come up with an equally exceptional anniversary gift.

Let there be grow lights!

Like every living thing that exist our planet, light is the main source of energy. There are so many things that could not happen with out the help of light.

In the cases of plants, they need this energy in order to grow and process their own food through photosynthesis. On the other hand, plants found in glasshouses or greenhouses could not receive the same amount of light like those plants that live outside. Because of these, greenhouse plants tend to grow inappropriately.

That was when grow lights were introduced. Gardeners could use this as a substitute for sunlight when the amount of solar energy is not enough for the plant to grow normally.

Grow lights are actually electric lamps that are designed to emit electromagnetic spectrum which the plants could use for photosynthesis. This emission is somewhat similar to the energy of the sun and appears with a bluish light.

In food production, plant propagation and indoor gardening which includes aquatic plants and indoor hydroponics, grow lights are very useful.

Grow lights were used only on the industrial market but now, the domestic use of these lamps could also be seen.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the best grow lights for your pants. Here’s a tip, the smaller your plant, the lesser need for light, the bigger your plant, then, the more that it needs light to grow properly. This is the general rule. But not all of it would apply to some plants

Vegetables, for example, need full sunlight in order to grow to its full advantage. This simply means that those will need more grow lights to be able to grow indoors.

Some shrubs, on the other hand, could grow even in full shade which means that they will reasonably need less artificial lights.

Wholesale Products as Christmas gifts

It’s the first week of September (the first of the “ber” months) and here in our country where people celebrate the longest Christmas in the whole world, the preparations for the most wonderful time of the year has just started. While Christmas carols started to air yesterday, many have begun listing down Christmas gift ideas for their loved ones. Christmas is a season of giving and what makes it more enjoying is being able to share one’s blessings through gift giving to as many people as possible: family, friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, etc. However, gift shopping can be very tedious for this large quantity of recipients not too mention grueling to one’s pocket as well.

This is when going through a vast online catalog of Wholesale products proves to be a nice and time saving idea. Such in the case of Kwality Closeouts, this Wholesale Distributor based in Dallas, Texas, has a huge selection of collectible and novelty items and Closeout products from the most unique to the mundane. The items can either be sold in lots or in volume at a wholesale cost or can also be sold by the quantity at a fairly competitive price. Browsing through the online catalog isn’t an ordeal and makes one shopping experience worthwhile because of certain helpful features like they are classified as featured products, top sellers and new products. Best of all, who can resist buying quality novelty gift items at such an almost giveaway price?

Friday, September 03, 2010’s Blog Giveaway Contest

My fellow Twitter Bebot friend, Faye, of is holding a cool giveaway contest on her blog where she’s giving away the following as raffle prizes:

1st prize – Fossil Ladies Chronograph (big face) watch

2nd prize – Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

3rd prize – Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)


This is open to international readers as well.  Contest runs until September 8, 2010. 

Check out her blog for the contest mechanics and other details of this contest.

Rust Stains This Early

We’ve been living in our dear little mansion for only 2 1/2 months now but sadly, construction flaws and defects on some house parts and accessories are starting to surface this early.  One example is the bathroom faucets.  The bases are now starting to get rusty so now it’s evident that the contractor capitalized with just a cheap and low quality faucet brand.  We’ll be visiting a home supply depot one of these days and buy stainless steel replacements.  I heard that chrome faucets are more resistant to rust stains so we might check for those kinds as well.


Poker Rakeback

I know nothing about poker or any other gambling thing. That’s why when a friend who’s a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker fanatic posted a status on Facebook about his Rake back points, I was clueless. I thought he was referring to some rebate points they earned from their favorite grocery store. I just found out what a Poker rakeback and Full tilt rakeback terms mean when I chanced upon the website of Rakeback Codes.

In essence, a rakeback refers to the loyalty points that a player ears every time he plays in one particular poker room. This was introduced to retain the players and keep them from habitually leaving a room after they’ve signed up. They sort of were just interested with earning the sign up bonuses offered. So with the rakeback credits, the online poker players are lured to stay, play and keep on contributing to the rake in each pot. Through an automated tracking, the rakeback can be regularly checked on a daily or real-time basis, helping one to better understand a player’s performance over time.

Rakeback Codes on the other hand is put up to come up with a comprehensive listing of all online poker rooms that give the highest and the most attractive rakeback system deals. They have other services like they give 4% earnings for referrals to Rakeback, 24/7 customer service availability and a lot more giving the best rakeback playing deals and experience.

Online Office Supply Store

It is said that an office supply (stationery, writing, organizing and printing materials, etc) are the backbone of any business. Whatever business you may have, you will always need an office paper, pen and all those stuff to carry out the necessary business transactions. For most companies, bookstores and superstores are still the places they secure their goods. But in today’s modern and fast-paced world, many businesses are now turning to and realizing the convenience of shopping online: quick, easy, inexpensive and wholesale prices.

Clean Sweep Supply is an example of a trusted online office supply store that caters offices and even homes offering myriad of choices. From the most used stationery and paper needs to packaging supplies, filing supplies, computer supplies, binders and even janitorial and maintenance supplies –the goods selection are endless. Browsing their catalog is fairly easy and isn’t confusing because the categories are neatly arranged. What I like best about browsing on their website is the complete presentation of pictures, technical description and prices of each product. So looking through the vast collection (over 37,000 products) and the ordering process are really a worthwhile experience. They also offer free shipping, next business day delivery for orders over $50 so this is indeed favorable for businesses’ bulk orders.