Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fines Wines as Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner so I am already in high gear on what to give to close family and friends as gifts. Apparently, I made a decision to give out fine wines this year especially to most of our suppliers. But I am not just talking about simple wines, which you can easily get from any wine cellars. I am particular about the type of wine to give out.

Last week, I attended a wine 101 lecture series from one of the hotels in the country so I got valuable information on how to actually choose a particular wine for a specific occasion. A colleague recommended to me to check out Sokolin for their best deals. I learned that giving a rare wine makes your gift a valued present by the recipient. So now, I would like to choose of course a premier wine which can be a signature gift we can buy for our family and friends as well as something we could open during some Christmas parties at home.

With Sokolin, I can order the finest wines and trim down my options based on country of origin, region or producer, year, and even its color. They even have slashed down the prices of some of their selections by almost 15% from their sale products, which could be a huge savings especially if you are ordering in cases. As per my friend who recommended, nothing much come close in offering American's Fine Wines than Sokolin. I now have an idea where to actually order.

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