Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Autographed Photos Memorabilia

My friend Robert loves collecting autographed sports memorabilia.

I went to his house a few days ago and I was really amazed with his collection. He has different kinds of autographed photos from different sports celebrities and their plays. He also has numerous vintage memorabilia that almost occupied the space of his room. Plus he has these cool autographed baseballs bats with real and authentic signatures from the home runners. When I saw everything he has established I asked him how and where he got all of it. He uttered that he got some of them from friends and most of them from Hollywood Collectibles.

Honestly, it was my first time to hear about Hollywood Collectibles so to satisfy my curiosity I ask him their website and thought of browsing it this morning. The moment I saw their website, you could really spot that this place is really for sports addicts or sport memorabilia collectors. I read the whole page with excitement for I have some plans of buying a boxing collectible for my husband. As some of you know, he’s really a boxing fan and he really craves for more boxing action even outside the ring!  To satisfy that, I’m planning to give him one memorable gift this Christmas. :)

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