Wednesday, September 08, 2010

School Fundraising Ideas

When I was in my secondary education, I was one of the officers of the Outreach Club of our school. Maybe you’re wondering what an Outreach Club is? Well, it’s a small school organization that deals with helping people around our community.

One of my most memorable experiences with our Outreach Club was when we had a fundraising program for a public school near our place. The school barely moves with its poor status because of lack of funds. Unfortunately, our government has forgotten about them and they really need that help of people like us who are doing well with life.

School fundraising ideas where then gathered from different levels and sections. We send out suggestions slips for them to help us decide what school fundraiser programs we must use to accumulate lots of funds in just a couple of days. One of the fundraising ideas was to organize a school concert with the help of our famous and generous artist from the Philippine Entertainment Industry. We were lucky enough that one of our members have connections with some of the hottest bands then. The whole concert was a hit and we had successfully accumulated lots of funds for the renovation of the school rooms and even buy additional books for them.

We also sold various novelty items similar to Uncle Jerry T’s products like T-shirts, towels, towel ponchos, bags, wallets, mugs, candles, and other assorted gift items.  This site is truly a great resource for fundraising items because they are top quality, affordable and incredibly easy to sell thereby providing great profit potential.

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