Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summer Isn’t Over Yet in Arizona

I’ve never been to Arizona but it is known that it has exceptionally hot summers because of its desert landscape.  This state has actually varied landscape so the average temperature varies depending on the elevation.  According to my research, the average July temperature in Phoenix / Tucson area (1200 ft elevation) is 81.0F/27.2C to 105.9F/41.1C while Flagstaff / Grand Canyon (7000 ft elevation) averages 50F/10C to  82F/27.8C.  The temperature drops a little during September but it’s still generally hot.  Thus, summer is definitely not over yet in Arizona these days and it’s expected that air conditioners in this area will still be regularly used to keep them cool.

For those who needs to have their air conditioners repaired due to heavy use or checked for maintenance, a reliable Arizona air conditioning company can be easily reached.  I also have done my research on this thing and there’s only one name in line of Arizona air conditioning service that stands out among many service centers because this team simply deliver what they promise.  Air Conditioning by Jay's Comfort Team is well known for their impressive customer service and expertise. They just know their thing and an overwhelming satisfaction is what this Arizona heating and cooling experts provide to their clients. 

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