Monday, September 06, 2010

B2B Telemarketing Companies and Call Centers In the Philippines

The call center industry in the country is growing at such a fast rate.  There are several factors contributing to this, the primary reason is that the cost of labor is much cheaper with offshore outsourcing.  The mastery, fluency and eloquence of Filipinos with the English language and culture (being a former American colony) makes them highly favored candidates as compared to other Asians.  Lastly, the advancement of information technology has made the viability of offshore outsourcing greater than onshore solutions.

Call center companies work hand in hand with b2b telemarketing companies.  A call center would not have a business if it does not have telemarketing leads especially if its in line with outbound telemarketing or those involve in making sales calls.  DCI Direct Connections International is a telemarketing lead generation company specializing in providing high quality pre-qualified leads.  Part of the Delta Community Company, this firm also commits to maximize the response rates of the potential market since the most accurate and updated list is what they implore.  They also set the appointments from potential buyers and since their interest is already set or established, more likely the lead will progress into a sale.  DCI exists to create and manage sales growth for those in the call center industry.

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