Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BioAstin and Other Natural Supplements

Last weekend, I finally got to see my OB-gyne after postponing the appointment for more than a year now.  Busy schedule and hectic motherhood duties always get in the way preventing me from taking a time to see her.  I really don't have complaints nor I don’t feel any discomforts at the moment but I needed this checkup for the yearly routine monitoring.  This yearly routine is necessary especially if you’ve given birth already, according to my doctor. The results of the pap smear will be released on Saturday.  I’m feeling positive about it since I’ve said, I feel just fine and my body’s okay except for my skinny body.  I’ve mentioned to her that I’m still breastfeeding my now 2 year old son and she’s impressed and in fact, commended for being an advocate.  She gave me multivitamins though as a supplement since I’m still nursing and needed enough energy to sustain it.  Since we were talking about vitamins and supplements, our discussion was later on focused with the different supplements available at  She has nothing against natural supplements like the BioAstin, jarrow and Himalayan Salt Inhaler.  In fact, she’s a natural supplement taker herself.  SuperVits is a superstore of vitamins, nutritional supplements, and natural formulas all aimed to help one take control of his health naturally and live a healthier lifestyle.

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