Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wedding Seminar


I got this information from my wedding planner friend, Jody’s Facebook photo share.  This is a two day interactive seminar for aspiring wedding planners happening on September 25 to 26 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.  The seminar fee is Php 12000 and is inclusive of buffet lunch, snacks, materials and handouts and a certificate of attendance.  This seminar will be conducted by the experts and prominent figures in the wedding planning industry.  The covered topics are all informative. related and very useful..all that one needs to know to start and sustain one’s wedding planning business considering with all the ever changing trends and innovations in weddings each year.

Wedding planning is a stressful job. But if armed with the right knowledge and approach, everything will be less or even, not stressful at all. These guidelines will serve as one's anti wrinkle cream for whatever glitches or mishaps happening on a bride's big day. A wedding planner's main task is to not let the bride become a bridezilla, to catch all taxing glitches for the couple and just make their day as stress-free as possible.  That’s what they are hired for, actually.

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