Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quality Elegant and Eco-friendly Evening Dresses

Many women have experienced not having anything to wear to a party or a formal event. Despite the easy access to shopping that the internet brings, finding a good website that would provide you with high quality dresses is still a rarity.

One of the few places where you can get dresses that will celebrate your individuality is Jessica Iverson Couture. Among the stylish and elegant collections you can find there are wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. This fashionable line targets a specific market – the plus size market, the eco-friendly market, and those looking for maternity dresses. If you do not want to compromise you own individual style even while wearing high fashion couture dresses, then a Jessica Iverson dress might be the ‘it’ dress for you.

Aside from this, Jessica Iverson started a line of dresses that feature the use of very rare eco-luxe fabrics and natural materials like hempsilk satin, hempsilk charmeuse, hempsilk shantung, hempcel, organic cottons, cotton silk, un-dyed, unbleached, natural silks, and many more. The line is blazing a trail in eco-design with radical ideas like using recycled polyester satin from bottlecaps and other recycled materials.

The Jessica Iverson Eco Couture even goes a step further by partnering with Trees for the Future. Who said buying a dress cannot be eco-friendly at the same time?

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