Monday, September 06, 2010

Home School Curriculum

One of the bloggers I follow on my feeds reader is a Mom who home schools her child.  She regularly blog about how she and her daughter are doing with their home school activities, of how they both enjoy the learning setup, the child’s achievements and basically her thoughts as a home schooling parent.  She has adapted the Montessori Home school curriculum which puts emphasis on the child’s sense of independence and movement.  What I anticipate most in her weekly report is their art activities where she would show pictures of her daughter’s impressive artworks.
Recently, I chanced upon a website: MECS Montessori Educational Software or simply MECS which offers a specialized training module on reading, spelling, grammar, math, science and geography for Montessori schooling kids ages 2 1/2 to 12.  This module is tailored to include Phonics software and even a Dyslexia software for those with special needs. This software has all learning styles suited for kids who are gifted, with ADHD – Autism, and kids with impaired hearing and speech.  Having this MECS software is seemingly like having your own private Montessori teacher who is ever ready with Montessori lessons and  materials.  I’m just not sure if my blogger friend already has this but I’m certain that this could help she and her daughter further with their home schooling.

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