Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Debate on Shaw Carpet or Bruce Hardwood Floors

The husband and I have been thinking to make the playroom a real bedroom already. I was tasked to actually canvass for beds and even accessories to put there before we finally put things in final decision. One of the items I am particular about is on what Carpet to choose. The husband and I have been debating on it since I really want to put a new Shaw carpet to make the room cozier. But the husband on the other hand is insisting to just keep the existing Bruce hardwood floors. We are still undecided on it since we are yet to compromise on that matter. I guess waiting for what the interior designer would advice us would makes sense.

For the meantime, I cannot get off my eyes the beautiful carpets available from Carpet Express.  I particularly like those Plush Carpets that gives a more formal look to any room in the house. But the colors in their Metro collection exudes modern feel of a room. The patterned carpets would be a great addition to a closet room. I know it is not yet time for us to change the carpets in our rooms since we recently installed these new ones but I just can't stop looking. I just have fanciness with anything related to house designs. Maybe, I should just try to check out the area rugs. That one I can probably justify to the husband our need to buy. Let's see.

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