Sunday, September 05, 2010

Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online

I enjoy being an apprentice chef in our new little kitchen or service area however, what peeves me sometimes is the lack of space or tops to work on. While we have a “formal/cleaner” kitchen inside, the stove can only be placed in the service area which I have mentioned, isn’t that spacious so preparing ingredients and the act of cooking itself can be quite difficult. Apparently, the developer didn’t adequately design the service area with enough of that. Perhaps, the architect who designed the layout isn’t a cook so he wasn’t able to picture the exact space needs of a home’s cook. And so, we right away requested the foreman to make us a wooden counter that will be placed beside the kitchen sink. It’s a counter top complete with drawers and cabinets beneath. The foreman was able to come up with a good design but how I wished I spent some time to check out the RTA kitchen cabinets at Online Cabinets Direct first. It would have also been great if we could have just ordered from them but due to geographical limitations, I believe it’s not possible and the shipping and logistics would be too costly as I’m in the other side of the world. But other than that, Online Cabinets Direct is certainly a one of the best places to buy kitchen cabinets online for those in the serviceable areas in the US. I browsed their catalog and I fell in love with most of their designs and wished our kitchen top is as lovely as any of them. I love how the specs, design, styles, and assembly answers are well presented, too, guiding the buyer in every step of cabinet shopping online.

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