Friday, September 17, 2010

Netpreneurs and Facebook

Netrepreneurs or more commonly known as online sellers have indeed found the social networking site, Facebook, as an effective and profitable marketplace.  These online stores need not spend on expensive hosting service and domains since they can easily advertise their products by just tagging those who are on their contacts.  This tag feature of Facebook can reach so many  users and consequently tap potential customers which will later on translate to sales and profits.  Sometimes, my Facebook feeds look like a virtual market because all sort of products and services are posted from clothes, photography services, accessories, hair loss products, baby items, home products and many more.  Payment and delivery processes are also now convenient because people can just deposit their payments to the seller’s bank account, pay through g-cash or remittance centers.  Shipping fees via couriers such as LBC, Air21 and Xend Express make the delivery a hassle free transaction as well.

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