Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Does Mold Test Kits Do

We think our homes are spotless and clean, but no matter how clean our surrounding is, there are still microorganisms like molds that pose a danger to our health. Molds helps decompose organic materials but it can be a problem when they exist in places like our homes. It is necessary to perform a mold test to find out of its hazardous existence. A latest research links indoor mold contamination to health symptoms such as allergies, asthma, headaches, migraines and other more.

ImmunoLytics offers an affordable and easy way to test for mold . The mold test kit include all the materials you need to test your home or office.  The kit includes mold analysis and free phone conference with the environmental expert. When you order the mold test kit from ImmunoLytics, it will enable you to test for presence of mold in two rooms. Special plates are included for sampling the environment. The kit also comes with a guide sheet that lists down the easy step by step instructions for you to follow. A processing form is likewise include which has to be mailed back to ImmunoLytics for analysis. Once the samples are analyzed, an online full-color report shall be sent. The result of the mold test will be discussed by the specialist. You will receive a phone call from the environmental expert consultant to ensure proper communication of results, providing you with recommendations. When it is necessary, you will be referred to specialist like allergists, environmental inspectors.

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