Saturday, September 18, 2010

Could It Be Lappy’s Wifi?

I don’t know what’s exactly wrong but I noticed that I have been experiencing intermittent internet connection at random times of the day since last week. Sometimes, it’ll just last for about 30 secs (the connection icon on the taskbar would suddenly display a yellow exclamation mark). Other times, it lasts for about 3 minutes or longer. The weird part is that I can browse at my iTouch while my lappy experiences that so that means there’s nothing wrong with the internet connection itself. Hmmm, could there be something wrong with my laptop’s wifi? Geez, hope there’s none. I’m entirely dependent on my laptop for my online life and work. I surely wouldn’t need those herbal weight loss pills as I would really lose weight and be problematic if something will go wrong with my lappy. Here’s wishing that everything’s just okay or else…. double whammy! :(

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