Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Payday Loans Are the Last Charity

There isn't enough day to day charity in the world. It's not often that it gets said but there is a lack of even basic charity for fellow men. I'm not sure if anyone takes time out of their day to help others the way they should be helped.

Here's the thing: everyone thinks charity is about big companies and organizations. They believe that if it's on some grand stage then there is more meaning behind it. If I give $50 to the Susan G. Coleman Foundation for breast cancer research or if I give someone on the street the help they need changing a tire, aren't they the same? Maybe, just maybe that $50 is the last money needed to help find a cure for a horrible disease which benefits millions. Maybe that flat tire only helps that one guy who, in turn, won't do that for anyone else.

Still, isn't the point of charity to do as you see needed? How many people would get out of their car to help, even if helping at that moment might actually make them feel better? The idea behind charity is to be kind to others, not just to do what everyone else is.

Charity always seems to be put in a box but it should be free to be done anywhere. It seems to be OK when the purpose is greater. Whatever happened to picking up someone's tab at a restaurant? What happened to paying for someone's gas? What happened to making the most of the day by helping someone else?

The closest thing we have to a charity these days is payday loans because they are always willing to help out whenever. But it takes more than a loan place to make the world better. It takes effort everyone. Until people make charity a choice it will continue to be a cold world.

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