Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Android Development by

I guess you’ll agree that almost everyone nowadays is dreaming to have his own iPhone, the latest craze among mobile gadgets. The trend nowadays is the multi-touch functionality of mobile phones and iPhone has it which makes people go gaga over it. Other mobile brand such as Samsung is trying to be equally competitive with the Apple’s iPhone. They’ve launched their latest model of phone, the Samsung Galaxy line with an Android OS. It wouldn’t be surprising to see other brands to follow and ride with the latest trend.

But whether it’s an iPhone or other similar phone models what is surprising to me is the technology behind the interactive functionality of these gadgets. Google was so brilliant in developing the Android OS. More and more telcos are now benefiting from it. More people are also enjoying their mobile devices because of it even though they don’t own an iPad or iPhone. Others even seek the services of companies who specialize in creating functions and applications using the Android system. is one of the many companies who specializes on Adroid Development. If you’re from a telco who wants to incorporate Android apps to your product or Android devicess, then is the right company to tap since they provide various software designs and development services including Android Apps Development and Android Game Development. Some of their successful projects are the AndroidBook, the first full-featured Facebook client for Android; The Plateau Android, a 50 level game of mind twisting puzzles; United We Smack, an entertainment app; and others that used to be accessed only through iPhones but are now enjoyed by many using the Android SDK.

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