Friday, September 03, 2010

Online Office Supply Store

It is said that an office supply (stationery, writing, organizing and printing materials, etc) are the backbone of any business. Whatever business you may have, you will always need an office paper, pen and all those stuff to carry out the necessary business transactions. For most companies, bookstores and superstores are still the places they secure their goods. But in today’s modern and fast-paced world, many businesses are now turning to and realizing the convenience of shopping online: quick, easy, inexpensive and wholesale prices.

Clean Sweep Supply is an example of a trusted online office supply store that caters offices and even homes offering myriad of choices. From the most used stationery and paper needs to packaging supplies, filing supplies, computer supplies, binders and even janitorial and maintenance supplies –the goods selection are endless. Browsing their catalog is fairly easy and isn’t confusing because the categories are neatly arranged. What I like best about browsing on their website is the complete presentation of pictures, technical description and prices of each product. So looking through the vast collection (over 37,000 products) and the ordering process are really a worthwhile experience. They also offer free shipping, next business day delivery for orders over $50 so this is indeed favorable for businesses’ bulk orders.

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