Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gold Coin in Weddings

We were so happy when my Dad, who’s working in the Middle East, volunteered to shoulder the cost of our weddings rings five years ago.  Middle East is known as the region where gold jewelries are sold the cheapest because of abundant gold sources there. We preferred a white gold one so what we did was we sent them our finger ring sizes as well as a sample picture of the design we wanted. When my dad arrived, I was so amazed to see the rings he bought because it looked exactly the same as that of the picture we sent him. We even had an extra bonus.  He said that a gold coin, a dozen of it, makes a good arrhae.  So we also had an instant, symbolic and precious arrhae!  Speaking of gold, there’s a wide variety of precious metals that are available at US Gold Bureau.  It’s one of the American trusted gold dealers and has been an industry setter for a long time.

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