Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gold Coin Collection

Our neighbors owning the 6th unit finally moved in two weeks ago.  I haven’t gotten inside but I saw the lavish home wall decors that they have.  I noticed that they have a huge frame of a coin collection.  When I got to talk to the wife of the owner, she said that the coins are from various countries with different values and wide array of colors from gold to silver to copper. From afar, I noticed that she has gold coins the most.  There is a number of silver and platinum coins as well but not as much as the gold. She got most of them from her travels abroad. She mentioned about United States Gold Bureau..I think it's from there that she got her latest addition to the collection. She said that more than a hobby, she's having it as an investment since rare coins and precious metals make good fortune if traded wisely.

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