Monday, September 06, 2010

Seattle Contractor

A friend who has just got married is asking for contractor referrals from me knowing that we’ve just had our Little Mansion constructed.  Actually, the contractor who managed the construction of our house was the developer’s choice and it was not us who directly scouted and hired them.  We are generally satisfied with their works but how I wish I can give him more options.  I just told my friend to scour the web for directory listings of local general contractors as I’m sure tons can be googled.

In the Auburn area of Washington, there’s a seattle contractor that is highly favored by developers and home builders because of their expertise and professionalism.  Braveheart Construction and Remodel Inc specializes in seattle general contractor services, remodeling, renovations of kitchens and decks, painting and even framing services.  They have been in the seattle construction business for several years now and holds a clean record at the Better Business Bureau listings.  It is advised that before hiring anyone to take charge of a large house project, one should do a research. An easy way is through the internet. Try googling Braveheart’s company name and there are no known unresolved complaints and issues that have been ranted about them.

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