Sunday, September 05, 2010

Protecting Boats and Marine Engine In Times of Hurricanes

The Governor declared a State of Emergency in the entire MA state due to Hurricane Earl. Most homes in the coastal communities along the entire east coast boarded their windows and evacuated. The storm was initially predicted to be a stage 4 hurricane which will be at stage 3 by the time it hit the north east. Though they predicted the storm to stay more in the ocean and to hit coastal communities, the inland communities was predicted to get only a few rain shower. Most of boat owners, took their vessels out of the shores for fear of ruining not just their Boat engine but the rest of their water craft. It is a hassle having to get their Marine engine or any part of their boat fixed. Mercruiser engines are kind of expensive and since it's almost the end of boating season, none wanted that extra expense. It's a good thing the storm fizzled out and became weak. By the time it reached the area where my friend is based, they got only about an inch or two of rain and some forceful winds, but nothing compare to the flooding and massive destruction to the eastern Caribbean islands. They prepared food and made sure they have batteries for lighting in case the power went out but it's really good to be spared from the storm.

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