Saturday, September 04, 2010

Let there be grow lights!

Like every living thing that exist our planet, light is the main source of energy. There are so many things that could not happen with out the help of light.

In the cases of plants, they need this energy in order to grow and process their own food through photosynthesis. On the other hand, plants found in glasshouses or greenhouses could not receive the same amount of light like those plants that live outside. Because of these, greenhouse plants tend to grow inappropriately.

That was when grow lights were introduced. Gardeners could use this as a substitute for sunlight when the amount of solar energy is not enough for the plant to grow normally.

Grow lights are actually electric lamps that are designed to emit electromagnetic spectrum which the plants could use for photosynthesis. This emission is somewhat similar to the energy of the sun and appears with a bluish light.

In food production, plant propagation and indoor gardening which includes aquatic plants and indoor hydroponics, grow lights are very useful.

Grow lights were used only on the industrial market but now, the domestic use of these lamps could also be seen.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the best grow lights for your pants. Here’s a tip, the smaller your plant, the lesser need for light, the bigger your plant, then, the more that it needs light to grow properly. This is the general rule. But not all of it would apply to some plants

Vegetables, for example, need full sunlight in order to grow to its full advantage. This simply means that those will need more grow lights to be able to grow indoors.

Some shrubs, on the other hand, could grow even in full shade which means that they will reasonably need less artificial lights.

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