Friday, September 17, 2010

Equal and Balance

Date check..there are only 120 days to go until my friend’s wedding in which I’m going to be one of the Secondary Sponsors.  That means I still have about 4 months left to put on some weight and meat.  I know, it’s kind of weird and unusual wishing to get plumper because most of the time, we would hear ladies complaining about finding difficulty to get slimmer or women wanting badly for the Top ten diet pill.  Well, I may be lucky that I’ve always been on the skinny side.  That, I rarely gain weight despite loading up myself with unlimited amount of food.  But the truth is, I'm also struggling in a sense that I don’t want to look like a hanger with my clothes on.  Now if we only can share body fat with each other easily to equalize and balance all things, that would be great, isn’t it? And I’ll look better with my dashing and elegant gown.

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