Monday, September 06, 2010

Polarized Men’s and Women’s Sunglasses at kaenon

Our TV was tuned to a golf game in a sports channel when out of the blue, the husband said he wants to buy a  new pair of sunglasses.  I was like “what does a pair of sunglasses has to do with golf?”  Then when the player was focused, I saw that he was wearing a nice pair of golf sunglasses.  I kidded him that he doesn’t play golf so it wouldn’t suit him.  He said in defense that sunglasses aren’t for golf players only and that sunglasses are essential for everyone to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays and blinding glare of the sun.

Right after, he googled for the term “men's sunglasses” and he was led to the website of Kaenon Polarized.  I got lured by the lovely and stylish designs so I sat with him and browsed the catalog for women's sunglasses as well.  I liked the Leila design best.  It has a trendy design, variflex nose pads, and best of all, it has Kaenon’s patented SR-91 polarized lens.  They are the first and the only ones to date to have such lens material.  What’s special about this lens is that it filters out all harmful UV and blue light in an ultra-lightweight, impact resistant lens while providing high-resolution optics.  The site has various styles perfect for the athletes and for those adventurous persons who are into outdoors.  Check out Kaenon's Polarized fishing sunglasses should you need a pair when sailing out on the sea.

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