Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last 52 days...

Seems like ages when I last updated my blog huh!

Got nothing to blame but my WORK on weekdays (worked for 14 hours straight in a day last week..and even rendered Rest Day-Overtime last Saturday) and of course, really been busy big time with wedding preps on weekends...actually we don't have a choice. With only 52 days left before our BIG day we have to kick our butts and work double time. Hay I'm so tired and stressed out na talaga.

Anyway, so much achievements have been done but haven't it is anyway...just want to share how we are doin' with our preps...

1. Church - banns have been submitted to our parishes and I guess posted na siya. Pre-cana and Faith Catechesis Seminars and Formations completed. Documents for submission almost complete..just awaiting for banns and marriage license.
2. Bridal Registry - we are listed at Rustan's Bridal Registry. Picked up registry cards. Checklist of gifts submitted.
3. Cake - full balance due one week before wedding date. Design finalized already.
4. Couturier for Bridal Gown - my gown is already with me! Yup yup...fully embellished and everything. Leonie finished it in less than a month.
(preview lang yan of the upper part..can't take a pic of the whole gown kasi di ko na alam kung pano itupi ng maayos at iligpit sa box eh)
5. Couturier for Entourage gowns and barongs - measurements taken..ginagawa na.
6. Florist - due to the ballooning number of guests, we have to coordinate with Lala additional table centerpieces.
7. Gift Favors for Male and Female Principal Sponsors - ok na...just insertion of the TY tags.
8. Gift Favors for Female Entourage - packaging na lang
9. Gift Favors for Flower Girls - already bought..lagay na lang ang TY tags
10. Gift Favors for Male Entourage - ok na din.
11. Gift Favors for Guests - ok na..just the TY tags na lang din. Might buy additional bottles kasi may natirang paper soaps.
12. Honeymoon - confirmed with Seair-Lorenzo South (bora) Package. Ate will pay either tom or on friday.
13. Invites (DIY)- stamped envelopes will be picked up tom. Main invites and insertions done. Distribution will start this weekend.
14. Thank You tags (DIY) - done!
15. Guest Sheets (DIY) - layout done...printing na lang
16. Misallette (DIY) - for sta rita's approval..once approved, printing na lang
17. Oculars - Kitte has done ocular at sta rita and rembrandt. She's working on the floor plan na.
18. Musicians - first production meeting done. Songlist has been drafted. Final production meeting to be set end of Nov.
19. Photographer - prenups done. Contract signed na rin.
20. Reception - contract signed. Food tasting done and buffet menu already finalized. 50% partial payment settled.
21. Rings - with be brought home by November.
22. Wedding Paraphernalias - almost complete..Bible na lang ata.
23. Special Effects - customized M&Ms ordered na.
24. Shoes - meron na ako. Paul - to buy pa lang.
Distribution of Invites
Finalize Guest List
hunt for a tiara
select pictures for AVP
coordinate with Kitte supplier of LCD Projector rental
Program flow and script

So yun...still thinking ano pa ba kulang?
Paul and I we'll be out of town this holiday weekend. We're off to Isabela Friday night. We'll be going there to visit my Mom, send out invites and siyempre visit my Lolo's grave na rin. We'll be back on Nov. 1.
Remember this prenup pic?
Kenneth sent this as his entry to the CanonExpo Exhibit'05 held at Megamall last Oct 21-23. Yihaa! (Thanks mec for informing me). Well, it feels awesome to see yourself na nasa exhibit. La lang..feeling sikat hehe! Masasabi ko lang galing talaga ni Kenneth!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Entourage Gown and Barong Maker..check!

At long last...I could say that we have almost everything (suppliers, that is) covered. But still, we have so many nitty-gritty details that we have to follow up...uh-oh countdown's exactly 2 months to go....

Last saturday, we were able to finally book our entourage gowns and barong maker at Divisoria. (Tip: If you're really that budget-conscious bride, divisoria is the place to scout your couturier). My 2 sisters (MOHs) have their measurements taken na rin as well as college kabarkada and one of my bridesmaids. While the rest, they just sent me their measurements. They'll start doing the gowns next saturday as soon as ma-complete ang Flower Girls' measurements. In two-weeks, voila! Tapos na daw ang gowns. Also, next sunday will be my final fitting of my gown. With embellishments na rin yun at kung walang adjustments, makukuha ko na.

Side kwento: We went to 168 Mall..and grabe!! kung gaanong karami ang items na super mura, ganun din karami ang tao! Super sarap sana magshop kaso mapapagod ka talaga.

We've finished printing the Thank You tags and the RSVP cards. We're still awaiting for the customized stamped envelope we ordered at Recto..once finished, we'll start sending the invites na. We're currently drafting our DIY guest sheets.
Not much accomplishments as I've planned...pero still glad kasi unti-unti may natatapos.


Yna and Xean are already married!!! At siyempre, mga loko-loko kami nina Wella, Chris and Tin we wento to SSA last Friday to witness the yung gimik na yun unplanned. It was already 5:30 PM when Chris and Wella agreed na sumilip kami sa church. Siyempre surprised ang lola Yna to see us paglabas nila ng church. Hehe saya! Katuwa talaga kasi maski si Paul at si Archie ni Tin, nabitbit namin. We were even the ones who popped the confettis and partypoppers upon their exit sa church. Oh well, di naman talaga kami naggate crash eh as di naman kami nakikain sa reception...siyempre kahiya naman. Sumilip lang kami sa reception before the guests headed to the venue. Since gusto namin na magbonding ulit, the 6 of us headed to Zong in The Fort. Ayun non-stop kulitan, kwentuhan at tawanan na naman.
Hay katuwa talaga to be with them. Next month san tayo?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Secret Garden...


To my surprise, Kenneth emailed me this pic..and wow! ganda di ba? galing ng effects!

Ngapala, wedding na nina yna and xean tom! Best wishes dear ...enjoy your big day!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Prenups with Kenneth Uy

Thank God it didn't rain last Friday! We finally had our prenups yesterday with our photographer, Kenneth Uy, at the Parks and Wildlife in QC. Hehehe! feeling mga models at artista!

pic 3

pic 2

pic 1

pic 5

piuc 6

pic 4

Make-up was done by Loren of Clamar.

See more of our pics here.

Trial Make-up, Gown Fitting, Food Tasting

On Trial Make-Up...

I had my trial make up last friday in lieu of our prenups shoot. I've been constantly texting Loren of Clamar prior to our trial and even through our text exchanges I find her so accommodating...ang bilis magreply. As we met, the more I've proven na super bait nga siya. She's so warm and will let you feel at ease. I like her style..the colors of the make-up (lalo na yung blending ng eye shadow colors) she put on me and even the lightness of her hands..not to mention, ang bilis pero swabe ang make-up! Here's the proof...

trial make up

trial make up 2

By the way, it's so sweet of Loren pa to give me earrings...especially made by her.

On Gown Fitting...

Hay! Kakaiba nga talaga ang feeling once you put on your wedding gown. Sobrang excitement and overwhelming...kahit na first fitting pa lang and wala pa siyang mga embellishments, fulfilling lalo na kung nasunod yung gusto mong cut. Though yet to finish pa lang siya, I'm still crossing my fingers na makuha naman yung styles and designs ng embellishments I've instructed Ms. Leonie to do. Makukuha ko na siya by Oct 22 hopefully kung wala ng adjustments. Sayang..i forgot to take a pic of me wearing my gown.

On Food Tasting...

Finally, nakapagfood taste na kami at Rembrandt..haha! busog! Buffet ba naman ang menu so we really have to taste among 8 - 10 dishes ata yun. Anyway, may napili na kaming menu. We also have na our contract with them.

Daming accomplishments...ang saya saya!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Sarap talaga ng naka-leave from work! Hehehe! For two days walang pressure at harassment yahoo! Sarap! Tapos Saturday and Sunday pa so 4 days straight na bakasyon cum wedding preps days. Hmm...pero I missed 3 calls from my colleague, Mel, this morning. I wonder ano na naman kaya ang nangyari sa center. When I texted her sabi niya saka na lang niya sasabihin..which is good at least I'll worry about it sa monday na lang..ayaw ko rin munang alamin. Heheh!

We've filed our Marriage License Application this morning..and I can't believe it..natapos namin ang application process in just 2 hours. To think na dapat may 2 seminars that we have to attend tig-3 hours each. Haha! Siyempre iba talaga pag under-the-table. May family friend kasi sina Paul na alam ang mga need to wait in long queus, and pinakamatindi no need to physically attend the seminars! Basta makukuha mo na lang ang license after 10 working days.

AT..may sikreto pala kami...since pareho kaming 24 yrs old we have to secure our parents' advice on the marriage. (those contracting marriage 21 yrs but below 25 yrs are required to seek parental advice under the Phil. Family Code). Since my dad is in saudi, it'll be more complicated if we have to be honest pa at magpa-sign ng ganun sa kanya. Kelangan pa ng kung anu-anong affidavits. So what we did..hehe we just forged the signature...sshhh! quiet lang..hehehe! Anyway, kahit naman tawagan nila dad ko he's fully aware of this marriage noh! He was even the one who bought our wedding rings eh. heheh!

We also met our coord, Kitte, this afternoon at Rembrandt. Nag-ocular siya sa Grand Ballroom ng Rembrandt as well as sa Sta. Rita. She'll be preparing na the floor plan for the reception. Also, we submitted to Ginnie, our AE at Rembrandt, the list of the menu we'll food taste on Saturday. We also picked up our banns from Sta Rita for submission and posting in our respective parishes.

So yun what a day! At trial make-up naman with Loren and prenups with Kenneth Uy. Beauty rest muna ako...ciao!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

73 days and near freaking out...

waaahh! Two months to go and yet seems like there are still a lot to accomplish..
I thought booking your suppliers is the hardest part..definitely not...what comes more difficult are the nitty gritty details that you have to do per supplier: meeting with them, follow ups through email, calls or text, discuss details and other changes, etc. and I know there's more to expect... the "real hardest" part is yet to come. I've been so stressed out with work and wedding preps and it shows with my itsura..hehe haggard kainis! Parang nabalewala ang pagmosegor ko before as I look thinner na naman daw...huhu! I need to relax pero pano? walang oras...

Paul and I filed 2 days of leave from work tomorrow and on'll be devoted to wedding preps yahoo! Itinerary will be:
1. Submit letter of request to conduct prenups shoot at UST
2. File Marriage License application
3. Ocular with our coordinator, Kitte at Rembrandt and Sta. Rita
4. Buy paper at prestige for DIY RSVP cards, guest sheets, maps and thank you tags at Prestige Papers
5. Print DIY invite inserts mentioned above
6. Finalize misallette
1. Trial Make-up with Loren (formerly from Clamar)
2. Prenups at UST and Parks and Wildlife with Kenneth Uy
3. Perhaps continue with printing of DIY stationery/paper stuffs

As for Saturday, we might schedule our food tasting with Rembrandt. Hay di pa pala nafifinalize lakad for saturday. This, Paul and I have to talk pa. Currently waiting for him..tagal nga eh gutom na ako..di pa ako nagdidinner siyempre dapat sabay kami..

My sister (my MOH and formerly works for a travel agency) informed me that we're still waitlisted with our PALakbayan-Bora honeymoon package. Huhu! Now she's taking chances with Seair and Cebu Pacific. I have a direct booking with Lorenzo South already, but we figured it'll be a lot cheaper if we avail the airlines' promo packages since airfare and hotel accomodations are already included. Hay good luck!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bridal Registry and Bridal Shoes

We're already included in the list of Rustan's December Bridal Registrants. We'll be submitting our list of preferred generic gift items within this week.'s fun pala choosing things which you would wish to receive.

I've already bought my bridal shoes last Saturday...a Rosanna Pena creation..o di ba may tatak pero super mura siya as in! Got it for only Php 799! Compared to customized ones na 3K na..ok lang naman fits well and super comfy sa toes and sa heels.

Production Meeting with Sentimental Groove

We finally had our first production meeting and contract signing with our all-in-one band, the Sentimental Groove last Saturday. We initially booked a sub-group, the Enamel. However, after careful deliberation with their production managers, Danny and Randy, we ended up booking Enamel MINUS Andy the Lead Singer cum guitarist PLUS lead vocals Johann and May AT the same rate agreed upon. Johann is the Josh Groban of the group who can also sing pop and R & B songs which delighted me since my bridal march is You Raise Me Up. They explained that Andy sings more of country music and definitely would not match our song preferences.

Here are the songs to be played on our wedding:
Entourage: Canon in D by Pachelbel
Bridal March: You Raise Me Up
Wedding Vows: Theme from Love Affair
Offertory: Panalangin Maging Bukas Palad
Communion: Panunumpa
Presentation of the Couple: This Will Be
1. First Time I Loved Forever
2. How Did You Know
3. Forevermore
4. Ikaw
5. May Minamahal
Recessional: Umagang Kay Ganda

Receiving of Guests: Bosa Nova Style c/o of the Enamel
Introduction of Principal Sponsors & Entourage: Erin Shore
Couple's Entrance: More Today Than Yesterday
Invocation: The Prayer
Cake- Cutting: What A Wonderful World
Luncheon: Grow Old With You, For All of My Life, Power of Two, Say A Little Prayer, I Do, For the First Time, A Moment Like This, Because of You, I'll Be, Knocks Me Off My Feet, The Promise, Love Moves In Mysterious Ways, Valentine, Now That I Have You, Sunlight
Couple's First Dance: This I Promise You
Dancing Time: c/o Enamel