Friday, February 25, 2011

A Drugstore at Home

Since the little one and I are undergoing a long term medication, our medicine box is so full that the husband coins it as “Mercury Drugstore”.  Bottles of vitamins and antibiotics line up and there’s no even enough space anymore for his multivitamins.  No wonder he’s sarcastically joking.  Well, I just hope that there will be no more additions to these medicines we’re currently taking and that we’ll both get well after this medication.  Not only it is a hassle to drink as scheduled but more over, it’s such a pain in the wallet.  Thank God, the husband can reimburse this as part of their Medical benefits at work.  Which reminds me, I need to compile the RXs and receipts so he can file for a reimbursement soon.

Due For A Haircut

My hair has become unruly again these past few weeks and taking a peep at the mirror reminds me that I’m due for a hair cut one of these days.  It has grown longer and since my hair is naturally wavy, my hair ends seem to fly in every direction (read: fly away).  Visiting the salon is one of the things in my to do list next week.  I have to squeeze that in my schedule before we fly down south for a beach getaway.  I’m trying to recall the haircut that the stylist did to me the last time.  It surely isn’t “hydroxycut” because that pertains to diet pills and not a hair cut style.  Was that “wedge” or something?  Geez, I can’t even recall the stylist’s name.  What has happened to my memory?

Buy Gold Coins

For a first timer, investing in gold may be overwhelming because of the various terms and factors one must be acquainted of.  The term “gold bullion” refers to investment-grade gold and may be in the form of bars and coins.  With gold investment, a profit is earned similarly as in a buy and sell business.  You buy gold coins then sell it when prices improve. Investing in gold may appear difficult and overwhelming at first but equipping oneself with the right approach and technique will make the investment process easier and more profitable.  Again, it is such a profitable investment but only if the right approach is utilized.

“Colon” Terms

I got acquainted recently with the terms that has “colon” prefixed on them: colonoscopy and colonoxy.  Latest topics among my Twitter friends involved digestive tract problems.  A friend’s brother was rushed to the hospital last week and was admitted a couple of times already because of severe tummy ache.  Then another friend complains of frequent bloating.  Both were advised to undergo colonoscopy.  This procedure involves endoscopic examination of the colon with a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube through the anus.  Sounds very painful but anesthesia is administered first before the tube is inserted. 

On the other hand, colonoxy is not a medical procedure nor an ailment but a colon cleanser that detoxifies and promote weight loss for healthier living. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

My First Blog

It really gives me a different high after going over my past blog posts here and read about our yesteryears.  This is my first ever blog so most of my entries then were still truly personal and link free (:wink:).  I love how I blogged about our wedding preparations, the wedding day itself, our honeymoon, our adjustment period and my most favorite, of how I blogged and broke the news that we’re pregnant.  I also chronicled here my sentiments as a first time parent including my worries on how to produce more breast milk.  I just had to build and continue blogging then about my personal life in another blog for online business reasons, thus, I blogged here less since then.  But nevertheless, this blog remains special to me because this is my first. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashionable Nursing Scrubs

If you have recently been to a clinic or a hospital, you will notice that most nurses no longer wear the traditional white uniform (top, skirt, stockings with matching with shoes).  While they look more professional and formal in such, many hospitals and medical practitioners now opt to have their nurses wear nursing scrubs instead.  More than it being fashionable, nursing scrubs are more comfortable, hygienic, and easier to wear and put on especially in cases of emergencies.  Unlike the traditional skirt and top uniform which restricts the movement, scrubs in the form of loose tops and pants enables one to move freely and consequently make them work faster and more effectively.

Shopping for stylish nursing uniforms and scrubs isn’t really a tough task these days with the surfacing of online stores such as the that cater to providing the most fashionable and most practical nursing scrubs.  Browsing online is easy through their buyer-friendly catalog and safe and secured payment getway.  Those trendy scrubs are just a click away.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gothic Wear in a Wedding?

Two college buddies recently got married. When I learned through their Facebook pictures that theirs was a rockstar/gothic wedding theme, I wasn’t surprised. Having known them to be musically inclined and so into rock music, it’s automatic and no questions asked that their theme will incorporate this common passion. The bride wore a dashing white gown with a black obi belt then completed it with a black chucks for his footwear. The groom on the other hand look so creepy yet handsome in his formal gothic wear. Then the male secondary sponsors wore unbuttoned coats with metal shirts underneath. So bizarre really but that’s them, expressing their love for their passion. The goth clothes they wore were a little bit off for an anti-goth person like me but I’m somehow appeased that they didn’t wear offensive shirts or those kinds in the ceremony. That would totally be disrespectful. For their souvenirs, they gave out a miniature doll couples wearing a rockstar clothing. I wonder if they ordered them from because I saw those designs in the said online gothic shop. All in all, it was one fun and memorable wedding as I see in the pictures. Albeit I find their theme weird, I admire their creativity for being able to execute such an unusual theme in a tasteful manner.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What’s Wrong With The Microsim?

The next time we’ll go to UP Technohub, I’ll remember to bring and have my iPad checked.  I just noticed that it’s Globe microsim can’t be detected recently so I can’t surf the net even if it has enough load credits.  The wifi’s functioning well so I can still use it here at home but I could not when I’m else where.  Hope they’ll have it fixed otherwise, I’d feel bad about my decision preferring and buying it over an iPhone 4 (or even an iphone 3g).  The reason why the iPad won is because of its 3G feature which enables me to surf on the go and since my old, reliable phone is still working, a more expensive iPhone4 would be impractical.  But with a defective 3G now, can’t enjoy fully my tablet.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What are Krugerrands?

If you are an investor and was advised for the first time to go and try to Buy Gold Krugerrands, check out the website of the United States Gold Bureau and be enlightened of what this type of gold coin is all about.  In a nutshell, it is a gold coinage that comes from South Africa and first minted in 1967.  The Krugerrand coin is a low premium and more affordable one compared to the American Eagle coin.  Because of this, it has dominated the  low premium gold bullion coin market since it was introduced.  It has also become a top favorite by many investors and coin collectors.

Lurking a Friend’s Blog

I stumbled upon a long time friend’s blog recently and as it has also been a long time since we last seen and heard of each other, reading her blog makes me acquainted with the happenings in her life these past few years.  I’m reading her 2008 entries now and I still have a long way to read until the present but I’m not getting bored as I really am curious with how her life has been.  Hope one day we can meet again and catch up with each other’s lives personally.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Valentine’s Trivia

Valentine’s is definitely in the air.  Group coupon sites have been flooding my email with their alerts about varied interesting promos for this special occasion like discounted flower deliveries and dinner arrangements.  I’m sure lovers are on the lookout for such special deals so they can celebrate the day of hearts with their special someone without breaking their pockets.

Speaking of Valentines, do you know that British children in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries would put on their special occasion dresses and celebrate Valentine’s Day by going door-to-door singing songs and sometimes begging for cake or money?  This reminds me of children carolers during Christmas.