Monday, February 14, 2011

What’s Wrong With The Microsim?

The next time we’ll go to UP Technohub, I’ll remember to bring and have my iPad checked.  I just noticed that it’s Globe microsim can’t be detected recently so I can’t surf the net even if it has enough load credits.  The wifi’s functioning well so I can still use it here at home but I could not when I’m else where.  Hope they’ll have it fixed otherwise, I’d feel bad about my decision preferring and buying it over an iPhone 4 (or even an iphone 3g).  The reason why the iPad won is because of its 3G feature which enables me to surf on the go and since my old, reliable phone is still working, a more expensive iPhone4 would be impractical.  But with a defective 3G now, can’t enjoy fully my tablet.

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