Friday, February 25, 2011

Due For A Haircut

My hair has become unruly again these past few weeks and taking a peep at the mirror reminds me that I’m due for a hair cut one of these days.  It has grown longer and since my hair is naturally wavy, my hair ends seem to fly in every direction (read: fly away).  Visiting the salon is one of the things in my to do list next week.  I have to squeeze that in my schedule before we fly down south for a beach getaway.  I’m trying to recall the haircut that the stylist did to me the last time.  It surely isn’t “hydroxycut” because that pertains to diet pills and not a hair cut style.  Was that “wedge” or something?  Geez, I can’t even recall the stylist’s name.  What has happened to my memory?

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