Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gothic Wear in a Wedding?

Two college buddies recently got married. When I learned through their Facebook pictures that theirs was a rockstar/gothic wedding theme, I wasn’t surprised. Having known them to be musically inclined and so into rock music, it’s automatic and no questions asked that their theme will incorporate this common passion. The bride wore a dashing white gown with a black obi belt then completed it with a black chucks for his footwear. The groom on the other hand look so creepy yet handsome in his formal gothic wear. Then the male secondary sponsors wore unbuttoned coats with metal shirts underneath. So bizarre really but that’s them, expressing their love for their passion. The goth clothes they wore were a little bit off for an anti-goth person like me but I’m somehow appeased that they didn’t wear offensive shirts or those kinds in the ceremony. That would totally be disrespectful. For their souvenirs, they gave out a miniature doll couples wearing a rockstar clothing. I wonder if they ordered them from because I saw those designs in the said online gothic shop. All in all, it was one fun and memorable wedding as I see in the pictures. Albeit I find their theme weird, I admire their creativity for being able to execute such an unusual theme in a tasteful manner.

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