Monday, July 19, 2010

Online Book rental

Whenever I have the luxury of time, that is, not being swamped with online works and Mommy duties, my “me” time includes curling up with a good book. In particular, I engage my eyes and mind with a paperback from my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks. Reading relaxes me greatly and it’s really an effective means to de-stress. It makes a great unwinding activity from a stressful day-to-day routine.

Collecting books used to be my passion when I was younger. I saved a portion of my school allowance, then buy the latest release of my favorite the Sweet Valley series. But now that I’m a homemaker and have a household expenses to prioritize. It’s very rare that I buy new books from the bookstore. Besides, these books often just end up on the shelf collecting dust and just clutters our tiny home. But this will not stop me to read. Especially that I just found an interesting service from a Book rental site online where I can Rent books for just a cheap membership fee. This is similar to renting movies online, only for books instead. Aside from paperback and children’s books, Audio books on cd are also available for rental. This service is indeed a great solution for the book lovers out there who are on a budget and do not wish to clutter their homes with books.

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