Sunday, April 15, 2012

Custom Labels for Party Materials

I remember when I planned my son’s first birthday party three years ago, a lot commented how OC I was. They say that the whole party itself down to the minute and little details show the great effort I exerted in each of them. With the help of a good friend, Jacque and her skillful decorators, we were able to come up with a colorful and jungle-lific party venue. Jungle safari was the party theme and we were able to execute it well from the tarpaulin, balloons, invites, registration table, table centerpieces, down to the prizes and even to custom labels of the loot bags’ thank you note. It really was a hard work and tremendous time and effort were put on just to come up with these unique ideas so just imagine how their praises sound music to my ears.

One of the things that I am most proud is the chocolate bar wrapper with custom printed labels and custom stickers. I personally designed the cover then have a local chocolate supplier print them and packaged on the homemade chocolate bars I’ve ordered. Other trinkets I made with a custom stickers are the table names with different jungle safari-related keywords like “savannah”, “lion’s den”, etc. The guests loved the idea, too.

I still get a lot of inquiries in my blog about the party. Some even are asking if they can hire me for similar trinkets and stuffs I made for my son’s party. I would love to make this a business but sadly, my time won’t permit. I advised them that there are online suppliers anyway whose services are readily available for such like the Data Graphics Inc.. They have been in the manufacturing industry for several years now and are known for their quality nameplates, overlays and labels for all types of businesses and needs.


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