Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keeping It Forever.

After going over and reliving a few entries here last night, I'm just glad that I didn't delete this account when I was tempted many times to do so during my pregnancy. Well, it was basically my hormones dictating and acting up that time. You know how inconsistent, sensitive and even irrational a pregnant woman can become, not at all the side effects of prenatal vitamins, but it's purely because of the raging hormones. I myself didn't understand my feelings and what was going on in my mind then. All I know is that a part of me wanted to click the "delete this blog" button. Glad, I didn't. This nook will remain very dear to my heart because this is my very first online space where I chronicled my wedding preparations and the first part of my pregnancy. So for sentimental reasons, even though it doesn't have its own domain and doesn't earn from it that much anymore, I'm keeping it until forever.

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