Monday, October 01, 2012

Rainy Season Illnesses

Whenever the rainy season is here, we are always reminded to be alert and be on guard against various illnesses.  The rainy season brings forth a lot diseases during this season and these include the following:

1. Diarrhea

2. Dengue Fever

3. Flu

4. Lepstopirosis

5. Athlete’s Foot

Do take note that some of these are fatal when not remedied immediately.  The key is whenever you see any or all of the following symptoms, better see a doctor immediately.  Some may abhor the sight of the hospital beds, medication carts and injections, but immediate action is very important.

1. Fever more than 37.8 Degrees Celsius

2. Bleeding

3. LBM of more than 3 days, excessive thirst, dry tongue, decreased amount of urine

4. Generalized weakness, difficulty in standing, difficulty in raising both arms

5. Yellowish discoloration of the eyes, urine and skin

Source: Maxicare MB 60 Bulletin

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