Monday, May 02, 2011


When my son had an asthma attack and was prescribed by his pulmonologist with a corticosteroid, I kinda got worried because I thought that he has to drink the “dangerous” type of steroids.  I made my research right away and was appeased that a corticosteroid is not similar and not even close to an anabolic steroid.

The steroids which are often associated with the dangerous type are synthetic substances that are used to enhance muscle growth and develop male sexual characteristics.  Typically, they are prescribed by doctors to treat certain conditions like delayed puberty and impotence.  It’s not at all bad.  It only becomes dangerous when people abuse it which is what’s happening and very prevalent among sportsmen, bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes.  I’ve recently read that certain supplements like tren xtreme were known to have anabolic steroids as their content.  The manufacturer says they have reformulated it though.  Nevertheless, those wishing to build muscles should still be careful in selecting the right supplement.

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