Friday, January 08, 2010

Digiscrapping Invites.

Aside from my bountiful online writing assignments, what's keeping me busy since yesterday noon is digiscrapping. Well not really back yet to making full layouts, still lacking with the much required creative mojo. But my Photoshop (and me) is busy designing my nephew's Ben 10 themed birthday party invitation. He's turning 7 this coming month end. By the way, I finally have a CS3..woot! But I haven't figured out though the difference and haven't fully explored the new features. Since I'm scrapping using my new Harry, I've never digiscrapped this easy. I mean, my Firefox with lots of opened tabs and PS are working and processing at the same time real fast. I got used to a conking and hanging laptop before so this new machine is the bomb! I am yet to make some revisions on the invite, as requested by my SIL. Hope it'll turn out good.

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