Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Whose Fault Is it?

I’ve always been yakking about how busy and how I am so swamped with work.  Although I am truly blessed with lots of online earning opportunities of which I am so thankful for, I admit, it’s also my fault why I get burdened so bad with my tasks to the point that it’s so overwhelming and taxing already. 

Poor time management.  That’s the problem.

The perfect example, just this morning.  Instead of working right away to finish all my pending works that is due on Tuesday, I got distracted by my new toy and just played a few of the new apps I downloaded last night from iTunes.  Then when I was about to look for cheap car insurance quotes, a task I was given by the husband, I opened my iTunes instead and searched for more applications and games I could download to my iPod Touch.  Tsk tsk.

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