Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Exasperating Heat.

It’s noontime once dreaded time of the day.  I love the summer season but with the exasperating and unusual afternoons that this summer brought, I really can’t wait for the rainy season to begin.  The heat and humidity is too much and it’s just so agitating.  We do not have an aircon in our room and with fans seemingly functioning as blowers, just imagine how hell-ish we feel like each noon.  I can’t also use my laptop that much because it get’s so heated that the battery recharging ceases and wouldn’t complete until 100%.  There are desktops downstairs but I also do not want to use that since their energy efficiency ratio is lower compared to that of laptops according to energy auditing experts. I don't want our electric bill to skyrocket that much again. And so without anything to do and since I can't take a nap because of the heat, what else can I do while waiting for the temperature to drop down?

Just another horrifying effect of global warming. :scary:

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