Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Avoiding Temptations.

Most of the time, I dare not to open multiply online selling sites, ebay, and other shops on the web including my Flickr which some of my friends have recently turned into an online version of a “tiangge”.  Temptations abound when I open them.  I have this little bit impulsive side that I tend to say no to stuffs that I instantly fancy. 

I also have this recollection of my younger years when I refuse to leave the mall when my elder sister prompted us to go home for the simple reason that I still had some money left.  I resist to leave because I need to spend it although I don’t have any particular thing in mind to buy.  All I know is that I have to spend it.  That’s how imprudent and careless I was with money.  Perhaps, if I was already qualified way back then, I would have endlessly applied for payday advance just to shop like crazy.

All this bit by bit changed when I got married to a responsible man.   He taught me how to be careful, rational and sensible.  I even became better when I my son was born.  He taught me how to be selfless, because before or instead of spending on my whims, I’d rather spend the money for things that my child needs.

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