Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Way.

One night a few weeks back, the husband told me that he plans to buy a scooter when we’re already settled in our new home in Batasan.  The village is a few meters away from the main road and according to him, it’s more practical if he just rides a scooter for short range errands like when he needs to go to the nearby wet market or the supermarket.  Honestly, I don’t buy his idea and I strongly object.  It’s not about the purchase expense but I’m just worried and tensed about all these road accidents being shown in the news these days involving motorcycles.  Most of them were fatal.  Call me OA or too pessimistic, but I’m really not just comfortable with the idea.  Aside from that, we don’t have a huge garage space nor a DuraMax Woodbridge Vinyl Storage Shed Kit 02714 to accommodate it's parking.  Further, it’ll be very seldom that he’ll run an errand to the wet market since we’ll be having our market day on a weekly basis and I’ll take charge of that.  He’ll be my driver and since our weekly groceries would be likely in bulk, transporting them home altogether is impossible with a scooter or even a bigger motorcycle. So….it’s definitely a big NO for me.  Period. No ifs and buts.

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